{Excepts from Sri Vallabhacharya’s Subodini & address delivered by Rushivar & Krishna Premi}

Yugal Geet –  is sung in continuation of Maharaas, divine experience of Gopis. Yugal means more than one.  Yugal is also joining.  Gopis mind is joined with Him, even in His absence.  This union of our Lord with the minds of the Gopis, bring out their true glory. They all sing & think about His leelas even in His absence. He is dear because He is dearness itself.

Lord Krishna is ‘Bhagavan’, for He is complete in all six qualities:  Aiswarya (wealth), Soundarya (beauty), Jnana (knowledge), Veerya (strength), Yash (Fame) &  Viragya (detachment).   These qualities of His, is not limited by time  (like the rest of people) or place (sarva desa & sarva kala).   This is the Bhagavan Krishna who would sing, laugh & dance,  that Gopi’s are after.

When bhakti dawns in the heart, it’s like a sea where all the rivers will automatically come & join – same way the rest of the virtues will automatically dawn there.  This supreme love is attained by uninterrupted & constant worship of God.  Then we shall gradually go higher & higher & ultimately reach Him. Gopis are Guru of all Vaishavas, jnani, yogi & devotees (bhaktas).  Make Gopis your Guru to attain Him.


shri-shuka uvacha:

gopyah krishne vanam yate tam anudruta-chetasah |

krishna-lilah pragayantya: nintya: duhkhena vasaran || 1 ||

When Krishna went away to the forest, the Gopis who had their mind merged in our Lord  (“Nishamya geetham, thad anaga mardanam..Krishna anudruta cheta manasa:”), they would sing His leelas & spent their days in unbearable pangs of separation  (viraha vedana). His divine leela’s “Tava kathamrutham” was their life line to stay alive.

Gopis pain of separation (viraha vedana) was so intense, that during cold winter month of Margashira masa when sages had to bathe in cold Yamuna, they would wait for Gopis.  For the Krishna viraha taapa of Gopi’s would heat the Gopi’s so much, that when they bathed in Yamuna that taapa would heat the river.  Then the rishi’s would bathe in the warm waters of the river. This is Bhakti’s parakasta.

‘Vanam’ is sansar (world).  The Lord is everywhere (vyapth) in this sansar.  He just needs to appear  (pragat), for you to see Him.  When water is added to milk, it completely mixes, where you will never know.  But if its converted to curd (yogurt) & then churn  (manthan), to take the butter out.  That butter will never mix with water again. He’s in every one’s heart (hrudaya), churning with love (bhakti) will make Him appear. Once He comes, then Purna-nando Hari:  It’s purna rupena brahmananda.

Attaining the state of bliss,  is equivalent to fulfillment of all desires, as in that state there is no more desires or wants. That drop of  bliss is Brahmananda. When you hear some divine music or when you stand in front of God in a temple,  simply filled with joy without any other thought  – are samples of Brahmanandha.   If You can imagine a state when you do not have any desire or thought other  than Brahman or God  that state is Brahmanandha.

Once you reach that state it is permanent, as that is your real nature. If you are in a movie, we see sevaral people crying, laughing, working, cities, cars, etc but suddenly when the light turns on, its just a white screen on which all this is portrayed.  So also, in real life we can see several things   (sukha, dukha, hunger, loved ones, enemies, house, city,  etc) but the real self (Brahman swarupam), who is the supporting sub-stratum (adhara) of everything is not to be seen until the light of jnana & bhakti is turned on.  The one who has see the being or God in everything, they see no duality in the world. Hence Gopis were so attached to the Lord, for they saw Him in everyone & everything.


shri-gopya uchuh:

vama-bahu-kruta-vama-kapolo valgita-bhrur adhararpita-venum |

komalangulibhir ashrita-margam gopya irayati yatra mukundah  || 2 ||

 How does Krishna Kanaiyoo look. Gopi’s are describing Him.  Badhyathi ethi hridayam ethi bahu:  – His  long arms (dhirga bahu) is there to give hrudayase alingan (hug) for His devotees (bhaktas). He standing in lalitha tribhangi (bent in three places), with valgitha bhru: – He’s moving His brows up & down.

The playing of the flute is done in five ways: Towards the right side of the face, towards the left side, both the sides, the upper side & the lower side.  If His dristi is tilted towards the left side, inspires love & attachment on the part of Gopis to our Lord.  If His dristi is tilted towards the right side, inspires love & attachment to both Gopas & Gopis. If His dristi is tilted towards the upper side, inspires love & attachment in the mind of celestial beings  (devas).  If His dristi is tilted towards the ground, inspires love & attachment in the minds of animals, birds, etc.  If His dristi is straight, it inspires love & attachment on all beings. Here Krishna is playing the flute tilted to the left, specifically for His beloved Gopis.

With His captivating eyes  (Rajeeva netra) when His eyebrows move up, He’s moving Satya lokh.  His surya spardi kirita is tilted to left..looks like pran itself is being blown into venum.   The sound of venu is also amrutha..for it comes from His adaramrutha.  The name of the venu is ‘Madhumathi’.  Amrutha swarupacha – everything about Him is amrutha  (Narada bhakti sutra) With ‘komalangali’ delicate fingers – ‘asritha margam’ He’s playing the venu, which is Brahma nadh for sadakas  (adhikari jeev).  As a saint says:

“Listen to the melodious music of divine poet  (Krishna),

He plays upon the flute of love

The tones so high to heaven & reach the distant stars &

Dance on the waves of the sea.

The earth, the sea, the stars, the moon, the sky all woven together

By the soft strain of thy divine flute.”

  Madhumathi is empty inside & purna sharanagathi  (jaise bhaje, jab tak bhaje or kaise bhaje)  If we become like that, Bhagavan is ready to give us constant companion (nityaparikar). ‘Asmakham thu gatir nanya, Sri Krishna sharanum mama’  – there is no better protector, than Lord Sri Krishna. His shining cheeks ‘kapola’ – increases the beauty of His face.

He is total perfection with beauty  personified with no imperfection.  33 crore Gods (devatha’s) beauty put together, cannot equal to one captivating smile (Mandasmita) of Krishna, says Gopi.  Krishna placed His left cheek on His left shoulder, & His right side eyebrow raised itself, dancing  (going up & down), it went up! His divine flute (adararpita venu) is infusing  supreme bliss in everyone’s mind. Here Gopis call Him “Mukunda” – to denote that just with His venu geet, the entire universe gets purified & gives liberation to everyone! ‘Muktim dhadathi saa yeva Mukunda:’ – One who gives Liberation to all is ‘Mukunda’.



vyoma-yana-vanitah saha siddhair vismitas tad upadharya sa-lajjah |

kama-margana-samarpita-chittah kashmalam yayura pasmrita-nivyah || 3 ||

  Vyoma ya navanitha: –  (bhogis) Celestial beings  (apsara: is ap = pani & sara = wet with Krishna bhav) but have their love (prem) with   luxuries (swarg).  But Gopis had pure, selfless, unconditional  love towards Krishna.  Love  is one which does not depend on distance, it does not decrease with time. No matter where He is, there is love & trust.  Even one second of separation is unbearable. Being away from Him for one third of a second (truti) felt like a yuga (864,000 years), while being with Krishna made a yuga pass as 1/3rdof a second (truti).

Saha siddhair – Yogis …All yogis are astonished & in immersed in love, hearing to the divine flute & dazzled by His beauty. Nivya: – is vasana (karmic residue) rope of  attachment with two knots of me (ahamtha) & mine (mamtha) which stops one from reaching Him.  Both yogis & bogis are bound by vasana. Sankalpa (resolve) of your mind is made as per your vasana. Vasana is Karma imprinted in mind (chit vruthi).

There are 3 types of vasanas: sadvasana means good thoughts which leads to good (dharmic) deeds; asadvasana is bad thoughts leading to bad (adharmic) deeds; mishra vasana which is a mixture of good & bad vasanas. Sankalpa (resolve) will lead to Karma (action).  Action will leave imprint in mind.  This will lead to desire (vasana) & again resolve (salkalph), cycle continues.  Only when one becomes desireless, then the chain is broken that is moksha (liberation). Just Krishna’s enthralling looks are like arrows.  He’s ready to bless  (kripa kataksh), only condition living entity has to look at Him.



hanta chitram abalah shrunutedam hara-hasa ura, si sthira-vidyut |

nanda-sunur ayam arta-jananam narma-do yarhi kujita-venuh || 4 ||

  Hey abala! Listen (Shrunu) – Abala, is one whose strength is only Vasudev Krishna…see Him.  Please listen to this wonder of wonders!  When the son of Nandagopa, laughs – His intriguing garland of laughter, gives joy to everyone.  And on His broad chest  the lightening (Goddess Lakshmi) is stationary  (stira vidyut).   This is against nature  of lightening to be stationary. This represents power of wealth (Aishwarya Shakti) of Bhagawan Sri Krishna.

Hara  haasa  (garland like laughter) – His captivating magnifying smile, which looks like golden garland studded with pearls, set among rubies.  { This very smile, which would infatuate Karna & make him lose all his memory in the battlefield.}  There is so much brilliance in His laughter, He attracts all entities towards Him. Son of Nandagopa (Nanda sunur) has come to give bliss to Artha  (one who is longing for Him) &  Knowledge (jnana) with His veenu maduri.  This veenu ananda is not only way higher than vishaya nanda (materialistic happiness) but is beyond Brahmananda (Eternal Bliss).

Prayer in Rig Veda – “Hey Prabhu, will I be worthy of your love again or am I lost.  In my dreams I converse & pray let me be with You, face to face.  Oh my beloved love, let my cup of love be filled to the brim.  Whenever I search my heart, I dream that I am with you, I encounter & converse with you.”


vrindasho vraja, vrisha mriga-gavo venu-vadya-hrita-chetasa arat |

danta-dashta-kavala dhrita-karna nidrita likhita-chitram ivasan || 5 ||

  Oh Gopis! When theLord plays the divine flute, bull, deer & cow’s mind is completely stolen. They all look like statues (still & silent), even forgetting to eat the grass in their mouth.  When the Lord’s veenu pervaded their entire body, they looked like a picture painted in the sky.  It is not just Gods (devathas) that get attracted to Him, but these animals are experiencing total oneness with Him. This sort of total oneness, which they see in the animals, is indeed a most unexpected wonderful occurrence!  This shows every living entity has the right to do devotion. Even these animals were no longer interested in half-chewed grass  once it saw Him.  They stood still having lost their heart & soul to our Lord after hearing to His flute! Lord Krishna’s appearance (avatharan) can happen in:

  • In  intellect  (Budhi)      – Through the path of Knowledge (Jnan Marg)
  • In  meditation (Dyan)  – Through the path of Meditation (Yog Marg)
  • In action (Kriya)            – Through the path of Action (Karma Marg)
  • In heart (Hruday)          – Through the path of Devotion (Bhakti marg)

This shows there is Infinite path to experience Infinite Bliss. There is no repetitions, no two things looks alike. There is different route for everyone.  It’s a sin:

  • To see duality          – In the path of knowledge (Jnan Marg)
  • To be Materialistic – In the path of Meditation (Yog Marg)
  • Impurities                –  In the path of Action (Karma Marg)
  • To forget the Lord even for a second – is a sin in the path of Devotion (Bhakti marg)

If you fail in any of these paths, then there is a price to pay.  Except in the path of devotion (Bhakti), where Bhagavan Himself declares in Gita “ Kaunteya pratijanihi na me bhaktah pranashyati”  – no ill will ever befall My devotee, he stands protected under My grace.   There are 3 stages for bhaktha:

  • Tanmaitha or Tadekatha   –  Mind (Maan) & Intellect (bhudhi) are completed occupied by  the Lord.
  • Tadvichar                                – Talks about Him always
  • Tadakaar                                  – His form (rupa) & qualities (guna) will start transferring to His devotee  (bhakta)

If venu nadha could make the animals look like inanimate objects, what effect would it have on Gopis.  Everyone’s mind & heart was stolen.  How do you know He has stolen your mind?  If you think of Him always, then you know your mind is stolen by Bhagavan Sri Krishna.  

barhina-stabaka-dhaatu-palashair baddha-malla-paribarha-vidambah |

karhichit sa-bala, aali sa gopair gah samah vayati, yatra mukundah || 6 ||

  Hey Ali! Hey saki! Mukundha, has adorned Himself with the same earthly wealth, not as Lord of Vaikunta but as Vrundavan Bihari, with peacock feathers on His head.  He’s wearing a garland & has a flower (karnikara pushpa) on His ears & is smeared with sandalwood paste (chandhan).  Mukundha calls out for the cows, through the playing of His flute.  So compassionate is He, that He calls out to them  & just through His mere glance, gives them liberation.  Only condition, they just have to turn towards Him.

Mesmerized by His beauty & hearing His veenu, even the Yamuna river stopped flowing!  Non-living entity (Achet) becomes living entity  (chethanatmak) & vice versa, seeing Him.  A river is one which makes sound (Nadhanthi eti nadi). He’s calling out to the cows, also mean sensory organs (Indriyas), for He’s the Lord of Indriyas  (Hrishikesh – controller of Indriyas).  Indriyas get purified when they are turned towards Him. For purification of heart you need:

  • Purification of body
  • Purification of time  ( very early in the morning)
  • Purification of mantra (chanting for Him only)
  • Purification of  thoughts
  • Purification of money
  • Purification of senses (by singing & hearing His name)

With all these purification’s, the Lord will come in search of His devotee.


tarhi bhagna-gata, yah sarito vai tat-padambuja-rajo ‘nila-nitam |

spruha-yatir vayam, ivabahu-punyah prema-vepita-bhujah, stimi-tapah || 7 ||

  Nature (Prakruthi) is doing seva of its Master (Prakruthi Nath).  The river is raising its hands in the form of waves, trying to reach Him.  They wish to just touch His lotus feet. The nature of the river is to flow towards the ocean.  Now that Sri Krishna, who is the ocean of compassion (Karuna Sagar) was there, the river wanted to attain Him.  So they stopped flowing.  It was like flood of love (Prem rupi pravah), which just stopped once Bhakti (love) turned to parama bhakti (state of Spiritual ecstasy!) .

But how do they get to His feet, if the wind blows & brings the dust of His feet to the river, then the river would get His divine touch.  This can happen only with His grace.  There was a intense desire to belong to Him & to be accepted by Him. Only He can wipe all kinds of karma .   As He says in Bhagavad Gita “Aham tvam sarva-papebhyo mokshayisyami ma sucah”  – I shall deliver you from all sinful reactions. Do not fear.  Just think of Him & He will fulfill all your desires.


anucharaih samanu varnita-virya adi-purusha, ivachala-bhuti: |

vana-charo, giri-tateshu, charantir venunah-vayati, gah sa yada hi || 8 ||

Anuchara: – It’s not only His friends Sudhama, Madhumangal, Kusumakar, etc who are following  our Krishna, but also Gods,  Goddess, sages, saints & others, they are all following  the Primordial being (Adipurusha) & they are all singing His praises. Adipurusha – Primordial.. It is this Brahman, who is the supreme, universal Spirit that is the origin and support of the entire universe, says the Upanishad. The one who cannot be seen from this eyes, for He’s the very reason why the eye sees.

Such Brahman, has come here as Bhagavan Sri Krishna with all His wonderful qualities (Kalayana Gunas) as  ocean of joy(Anandaghan) to Gopis. Though Brahman has come with a form, for the sake of His devotees. HE does not need eyes to see or ears to hear or legs to walk.  If He heard through His ears, He could not have heard Draupadi calling from Hastinapur staying in Dwaraka.  If He needed legs to walk, the sage Shuka  would not say the Lord appeared at the end of Gopi Geet (“Tasam avirbhuth Shouri:”).   He takes on the form  for the sake of His devotees (bhaktas), who can experience Him in that divine form. To become His follower (anuchar), 5 actions that need to be performed as per script ‘Nithishatak’:

  • Selfless actions  (Nis-swarth Karma)
  • Compassion towards every living entity  (Pararthi Karma)
  • Work towards welfare of the world  (Karthavya Kari Karma)
  • Soul revitalize   (Atma pratekshavadi Karma)
  • Complete act of surrender  (Purushartha dayi Karma)

If all these actions are performed, just as fruit when formed & ripe will automatically bend down, then that person’s nature  (swabhav) will automatically change & you will become His follower (anuchar). He’s the Lord of the Universe, who is going around the forest playing on His flute.  He is showing the reason for His incarnation (avataar)  is only the proximity to His devotees.  


vana-latas tarava, atmani vishnum vyan-jayantya iva, pushpa-phala?hya: |

pranata-bhaara-vitapa, madhu-dharah prema-hrishta-tanavo, va-vrushuh sma || 9 ||

  Vishnum,  is the one whose presence is everywhere outside of us & also within us, as the energy  source (Chaitanya).  He takes care of everything from single celled creature to Gods (devas).

All the creepers & trees welcome Him by brilliantly bringing forth their countless flowers & fruits, with all their branches bowed down with love & humility.  Out of intense love towards Sri Krishna, they begin to shower streams of honey (madhu dhara:  or prem dhara: ) & express their joy.  All these trees got the ‘brilliance’ of His grace. Secondly the nectar (amrutha) coming from His flute, is the cause of streams of honey  (which is Brahmananda) the trees are experiencing. He blesses them with power of knowledge (Jnana Shakti)  just by His veenu nadha, to feel & experience Brahmananda.

Fruitful & sweet results of living beings  are:

  • Intellect’s  fruitfulness is in attaining Spiritual Wisdom (Brahma Jnan)
  • Mind’s  fruitfulness  is in thinking about the Lord (Dyan)
  • Ear’s    fruitfulness is in hearing His glory (Shravan)
  • Tongue’s  fruitfulness is in singing His name (Kirtan)
  • Eye’s   fruitfulness is in seeing Lord Sri Krishna

All this sweetness  is possible when one has a pure mind, which will happen with constantly chanting the Lord’s name .


darshaniya-tilako vana-mala- divya-gandha-tulasi-madhu-mattai: |

ali-kulair ala, ghu-gitam abhishtam adriyan yarhi, sandhita-venuh || 10 ||

  Darshaniya – Worth seeing for He is the crest jewel of all exquisite beauties, with His bewitching beauty at all times.  Gopis call Him –  Krishna, Adi Purusha, Vishnu, Bhagavan. The one who attracts every being  (Karshati Akarshati eti Krishna). He’s Manohara (one who steals the mind) based on His divine foam , His  qualities  & His dealings.  His dealings with His devotees (bhaktas) are, removing their sins & defects. In pradarshan (exhibition) everybody sees the same thing.  But Darshan is based on devotee’s emotions (bhava).   To see Him, one needs unwavering faith & patience.

There 5 kinds of fragrant flowers that a devotee could offer:

  • Priyatha  – being close to Him
  • Sevatha – serving Him
  • Sakhyatha – befriending Him
  • Snehatha – being affectionate to Him
  • Pranaytha – loving Him

Hey friend (Ali) – bees intoxicated with His veenu nadha & His garland  Vanamala, are sounding  (ghun ghun) in a loud voice.  They are very closing following the Lord.  Bees were singing in an intoxicated state, intoxicated by the smell of His divine fragnance (divya ganda).  He who treats every one equally  honoring  this singing, played His veenu closing following the same notes as the bees.  He’s honoring their singing by doing this.  He played His venu (flute), to complement the bees singing & sang the song.

Tulasi is symbolizing devotion to our Lord.  The bees imbibing this extraordinary bliss, forgetting their own bodies, & began to sing with loud voice, in His presence.  This is the highest of all “worship”, which one can hope for & the Lord gave this blessing to the bees.  They were a part of intimate divine leelas (Antaranga Leelas) of Bhagavan. “Yerhi” is used to denote that Lord himself was lost in His own flute playing (venu nada), for He is the bliss incarnate as Nanda’s son “Anando Nandano Nanda:” says Vishnu Sahasranama. Krishna wanted to awaken the same bliss that the bees were experiencing in Gopis.  The bliss of the sound (nada brahma) & bliss of seeing His divine form (swarupa-ananda), together would make them experience absolute bliss (Brahma-ananda).


sarasi saarasa-hamsa-vihanga: charu-gita-hrita, chetasa etya |

harim upasata te yata-chitta hanta milita, drisho dhrita-maunah || 11 ||

  The birds (sarasi), swans (saarasa)  who were sages & seers. They had  given up materialistic pleasures & were  lost in His form.  Gopis are saying ‘hanta’ to denote her joy & bliss at this! “What  virtuous deeds these birds have done, who have stopped all their outside activities!”  The birds are totally under the captivating power of the venu nada.  These birds have closed their mouths & shut their mouths, so that they could not speak or  see anything else.

The attitude (bhava) of the devotees (rasikas) has been depicted here. It appears like the birds are in deep meditation. Making Him the support & center of their meditation.  In waking state mind is in the eyes, so stabilizing the eyes will stabilize the mind.  Where the eyes are fixed, mind stays with that.  If the vision can only see Krishna,  He will attract the mind towards Him. In sleep, mind  is in subconscious.  So everything that mind  did or saw in the waking state is transferred to subconscious & hence the dreams.

Worship (Upasana) is nothing but by whatever means  mind has to merge with Krishna. That is why liberation (Moksha) is for mind, for body is inanimate made of 5 elements & the soul (atma) which is a part of Him is already free. Gopis says “Hanta” alas, to show that they are unhappy at the behavior of the birds, who were eager to see His divine form, but intoxicated by venu nada have closed their eyes.


saha-balah srag-ava, tamsa-vilasah sanushu kshiti, bhruto vraja-devya: |

harshayan yarhi venu-ravena jata-harsha upa-rambhati vishvam || 12 ||

Hey Goddess of Vraja! our Prabhu adorned with flowers, looking brilliant, extremely happy  & blissful is roaming with ‘saha bala’ with His brother Balaram, on the peaks of the mountain.

He who is ‘Satghan’, an essence that is infinitely pure and timeless; ‘Chitghan’, is unlimited pure consciousness;  ‘Anandaghan’ is infinite bliss – very happily is playing on His venu ‘harshayan yarhi’,  with a view to make this universal blissful, fills up the universe with His venu nada. Saanushu Kshiti – He is walking on the mountains, the one who is Chaitainya (life), is moving & playing at the same time.  As long as Bhagavan’s pada (feet) was on planet earth, Kali had no effect. Vraj means “Vyapyam  tasya vyapanath Vraja ucchathe” – That which is everywhere (Vyapt) is Vraj. That ‘Brahm’, Bhagavan Sri Krishna who is every where is Vraj.  Brahm is above  Prakruti.  That entity  which is over illusion (Maya), HE will appear in intellect (Budhi)..this is Vraj. The Supreme Power “Nirgun Nirakar Brahma” does 5 things:

  • As Brahma – He creates
  • As Vishnu – He maintains
  • As Shiv – He destroys
  • He enters & pervades the Universe  (the very life)
  • In Sagun Sakar form as Sri Krishna, He attracts every living creature towards HIM

He’s embracing the entire visham  (universe) & every living entity with His venu-nadha .


mahad-ati, kramana-shankita-cheta manda* mandam anugarjati meghah |

suhridam abhya varshat sumanobhi: chhaya-ya cha, vida-dhata * prata-patram || 13 ||

 Here is Nature serving the Lord (Prakruti’s seva bhaav) – The clouds are thundering very softly, as an accompaniment of the venu & provides a cool shadow for our Lord  (chayaya cha), wish subtle rain drops acting as soft flowers. The nature of the cloud is movement, they remained stationary mesmerized by His venu nadha trying to serve its Prabhu, in its own way. Qualities (Gunas) most needed for a devotee  (bhakta):

  • Control of the sense organs  (Indriya nigraha)
  •  Be Selfless  (nir-aham)
  •  Wisdom in intellect, for right decision (vivek),
  • Have good thoughts always (sadbhavana)

vividha-gopa-charaneshu vidagdho venu-vadya urudha nija-shiksha: |

tava sutah sati, yadaadhara-bimbe datta-venur anayat svara-jati: || 14 ||

  Hey Yasodha ! ‘tava suta’ your son, who plays various games with Gopas, He’s playing the veenu on His lips  (adhara which is red coral  colored lips brilliant like the sun) inventing innumerable compositions (svara’s).  The very life source (prana) from His lips (adara), is being blown into the venu.

Gopis are telling Yashoda, even though you think He’s your son He is extremely knowledgeable.  The Lord is called ‘Jnana uttamam’ in Vishnu Sahasranama, the highest among Jnanis (Knowledable).  His intellect  is infinite.   Gopis who were Rushi rupa, Veda rupa, Smruthi rupa, Deva rupa got infatuated with His Venu Nadha, while other beings  (including animals & birds) renounced everything to be with Him.


savanasha, stad upa,-dharya suresha: shakra-sharva-parameshthi-puroga: |

kavaya anatha-kandhara-chittah kashmalam yayura nishchita-tattvah || 15 ||

 Indra, Lord Shiva & Lord Brahma other celestial Gods, have all lowered their heads & are intently listening to Krishna’s venu nadha.  Although they are all adept in art of music, yet they are unable to understand  the real nature of this divine music, they are in total bliss listening to it. Indra is the Lord of ‘Swarga loka’ & is very fond of good music. Gopis say just as you Yasodha, do not understand about your son, even the Gods are not able to understand Him or His divine Brahma Nadha.

The Parabrahma Krishna who is the very consciousness  (Chaitanya ka Chaitanya), He moves without staying in one place for long.  When He walks the different signs on His feet (padambhujam) is imprinted on the ground.  Hearing His venu nada, the mountain ‘Giriraj’ melted under His feet.  If this was the effect of the music on inanimate objects, what to talk Gopis.

This Parabrahma, cannot be understood by senses.  You cannot hear Him from your ears, cannot see His divine form from your eyes, cannot smell His divine fragrance from the nose, cannot taste the rasa from the mouth, cannot experience.  If He was a subject (vishaya) of any of these senses, then He’s one who is easily seen (prathyaksha).  Hence we cannot see Him, but can experience (anubhava) Him, like hunger, sukha, dukha, bhaya, vayu,etc. He’s that through which the eyes sees, the nose smells, ear hears, mouth talks & the skin feels.

Then how can you see Him though these indriyas.  He’s the very life (chaitanya) through which all senses (indriyas) experience, inspite of being only bone & flesh body. If not for Him, the entire planet would be a dead planet. That indweller  (antaryami) that is the very life source. You can paint only if you have a canvas, that canvas (adara thatwa) on which all these characters appears is ‘Parabrahma’. That consciousness  (chaitanya) that pervades the entire universe is that Paramatma Sri Krishna. To say we understand Him, would mean He’s come  (aadina) under the senses (indriyas) & mind (manas).  But He is beyond the understanding of our limited intelligence.

Both the cause & effect is the same. Brahma is not different from the world, He just decided to multiply from one to several.  ‘Sarvam Brahma maiyam’ says the Veda, every thing is the all pervading Brahma. Only if the gold becomes a necklace, only then it’s a golden necklace. Veda says ‘Tad atmanam na swayam na kuruthe’ – He did not pick some other thing & then created the universe but He Himself became the universe.  Also says “Soo kamayath bahusyam prajaye yethi” – I’m myself  will become the universe, not going to make the universe. “Vasodeva paro nan yath”

Might be called by different names  (Nama rupa), the cause (karana) is only HIM  (Brahma swarupa). Just as a spider builds a web from itself, stays in the center for as long as it wants & later, when it’s done it takes that web back in. Similarly Paramatma brings out His own energy  (shakti) as very essence of nature  (moola prakruti) & illusion (maya), creates & becomes the universe.   There is only one truth, says tLord Krishna is ‘Bhagavan’, for He is complete in all six qualities:  Aiswarya (wealth), Soundarya (beauty), Jnana (knowledge), Veerya (strength), Yash (Fame) he enlightened soul ‘Krishna Premi’,  whether we accept it or not the truth  (satya) will never change.  Whatever the name of the Lord we may chose, but the substractum  (tatwa) of the entire cosmos remains the same.  This is jnana yagna.


nija-padabja-dalair dhvaja-vajra niraja-ankusha-vichitra-lalamaih |

vraja-bhuvah shamayan, khura-todham varshma-dhurya-gatir, idita-venuh || 16 ||

  ‘Nija Padabja’ –  His soft lotus like Holy feet, has 6 signs – lotus  (kamala), flag  (dwaja), discus  (chakra), thunderbolt weapon  (Vajra-ayudha),  trident  (ankusha), & yava  (grain).  The reason for each sign is:

  • Kamal – just as lotus stays above the water, mind though in sansar will stay above it all.
  • Dwaja – removes all the fears  (bhaya nashana:)
  • Chakra – protects His devotees (Devotee  (bhakta) rakshaka)
  • Vajra – Shatter’s the mountain of sins to one who surrenders
  • Ankush – Control of mind & senses
  •  Yava –  Even for a grain of bhakti, He’s always ready to protect His devotees.

When the Lord walks, His gait is that of a Lion. Even animals are completely lost, looking at His gait.   By the holy touch of His feet, while walking beautifully, the Lord removed  the pain of mother earth at Vraja, caused by the hoofs of the cattle. When your mind  is rapt in His feet, similar to the rivers which by itself joins the ocean without the ocean sending a special invite to them, same way the ocean all good qualities  will automatically come to you.


vrajati.. tena vayam sa-vilasa vikshanarpita-manobhava-vegah |

kuja-gatim, gamita na vidamah kashmalena kavaram vasanam va || 17 ||

Hey Kahna! You remove the pain of separation  (viraha) in the hearts of the Gopis, by your venu nadha.  Seeing your captivating beauty & hearing the divine music coming from your divine red lips, we forget ourselves , we get intense love towards you.  Even ‘manobhava vega:’  mind whose nature is unsteady, that mind stands absolutely still like a tree & we lose our consciousness.  Seeing HIS divine dazzling beauty even the animals & birds were thinking “Trilokya bhagyam midham, neeriksha rupam”, they must have accumulated a lot of merit & been blessed immensely to be able to see Him.  Gopis were completely infatuated by the beauty of flute player of Vrindavan & experienced divine joy  (brahmananda).


mani-dharah, kvachid aganayan ga malaya dayita*gandha-tulasyah |

pranayino ‘nu, charasya kadhamse prakshipan bhujam agayata yatra || 18 ||

  ‘Mani Dharah:’  – The Lord who wears the garland of gems, sometimes used the gems to count the number of cows.  The beauty of the gem, has increased by being on Him. One of the great devotee Kulashekara says, that the combined essence of all the beauty in this World, is shining as An Invaluable Gem (saundarya-mudra-mani:).  He’s also called ‘Neela mani’ the Blue Gem. Gopi are eagerly awaiting to catch a glimpse of this Neela Mani.

Krishna is also wearing tulasi mala which got divine fragrance by being on Him.  The Gopis wish to be that garland around His neck, so that they could always be close to Him. The Lord with great love, puts His hands on the shoulder of His friends, only to fulfill their desire. It is said “Brahma samsparsha atyantha suka mashnuthe”, His divine touch gives immense pleasure (Brahmananda).

He would also sing for them. It is said that when King Janaka the royal saint (Rajarshi), spoke the corporeal energy (kundalini) of sages would be awakened. What would be the effect the voice when Yogeshwara, Maha Yogeshwara, Maha Yogeshwareshwara Sri Krishna, whose seat is in the heart of Paramahamsa Yogis speaks or sings.  The Lord of the Universe on whose little finger the entire cosmos revolves, would sing for the Gopas (friends) being pleased with their true love. Have every kind of relationship in the world with the Lord & He will reciprocate the same way.


kvanita-venu, rava-vanchita-chittah krishnam anva-sata krishna-grihinyah |

guna-ganarnam, anugatya harinyo gopika iva, vimukta-grihashah || 19 ||

  Hearing His venu nadha , deer’s  & cows are running behind Him. Leaving behind their families, seeking His protection & completely surrendered to the Lord follows Him relentlessly like the Gopis.  The deer’s drank the nectar (Bhagavad Rasa) & got completely attached with prema & bhakti. Just like the Gopis would see the Lord with intense love & affection, the female deer saw Krishna with great love & attachment.

Here the word is ‘Rava’ for sound, not nada – ‘Ra’ symbolizes Agni or fire i.e. pain due to separation from Krishna.  ‘Va’ is nectar (amrut) which removes this sorrow or pain. This ‘Rava’ flute sound in the first instance, originates intense desire in their minds to meet Krishna, then after showering them with nectar of seeing Him & hearing His flute, removes their sorrow, caused by Him in the  first instance!

When the devotee  (bhakta) expresses total dependency (dinatha), Lord blesses devotee  (bhakta) with ‘Bhagava deeyatha’.   Bhagava deeyatha –  Bhagavan makes the devotee  (bhakta) feel that He belongs only to the Devotee  (bhakta) & Devotee  (bhakta) belongs only to Him.  Actually, it’s not the devotee  (bhakta) who is holding on to Him but Prabhu, the Lord who is holding His devotee  (bhakta). He’s the ocean of auspicious virtues.  The eyes of the she-deer reminded the Lord of beautiful eyes of His beloved Gopis. Just like the Gopis used to see Krishna, with intense love & affection, these deer’s were seeing Him with great affection (Gopi Bhav) &  Sri Krishna played the flute the same way He would for the Gopis.


kunda-dama, krita-kautuka-vesho gopa-godhana-vruto, yamunaya |

nanda-sunur anaghe tava vatso narma-dah pranayinam vijahara || 20 ||

 Hey Anaghe! Sinless without blemish !! Nanda sunur – Nanda Gopa’s son who is pitambhara dhari, adorning Himself with Kanera  (jasmine) flowers is a delight to sense organs (indriyas). His looks are primarily for ‘pranayinam Narmada:’ – to give ananda for His devotees (bhaktas) who adore Him. ‘Akshana vatham phala midam’ says Gopi in Venu Geet, seeing Him is the fruit (phala) & only purpose of this eyes.  His divine beauty  is the highest goal for all the senses.

Because of Purna Brahma’s avatar as Rasamaya Swarupa Krishna,  the Gopa & Gopis can speak & have a dialogue with Him, eyes can have His darshan. They can serve Him, touch Him, listen to His venu & also experience the divine fragrance , could drink the adaramruta & be in His presence Always!! He’s surrounded by Gopas & Godhana (cows). Just to give them bliss (ananda), He’s enacting His divine leelas in Yamuna.  He bestows Ananda on those who love Him. He responds with the same love & enacts such divine leelas which will further increase their bhakti.   The Lord always responds with same love as the devotee loves & also much more!!  For He is pure unconditional, unselfish love incarnated as Krishna (Prema swarupa).


manda-vayur upavaty anakulam manayan malayaja* sparshena |

vandinas tam upadeva-gana ye vadya-gita-balibhih parivavruh || 21 ||

Hey Yashoda, you might not be aware who your son is , but He’s  Bhagavan Himself.  It’s not just Gopas who are listening to His venu geet & enjoying His divine form but Vayu, the celestial deity for wind decides to serve Him  with gentle breeze. This cool breeze which brings in the sweet scent of sandalwood, through which it passes through.  Touching His sacred body,  it becomes more scented with divine fragrance & becomes much cooler.  On coming in contact with this sacred wind, whoever was there were blessed with love (bhakti) towards the Lord.  Prakruti shows its respect to its Purusha. Even the  devas, yakshas, gandharva’s, kinaras are praying  playing their divine instruments.  They are singing His praises & offer gifts to the Lord.  They all surround Bhagavan Sri Krishna on all four sides.


vatsalo vraja-gavam yad aga-dhro vandyamana-charanah pathi vriddhaih |

kritsna-go-dhanam upohya dinante gita-venur anugedita-kirtih || 22 ||

  By lifting the mighty Govardhan, He exhibited the love of Vraja & the cows.  His much sought after charana, was worthy of worship (vandhyamana) even by elders.  In the evening, Sri Krishna Chandra (moon) with His venu nada, having collected His cows (dhenus), comes back from the forest eagerly, with a view to bless Gopis with His darshan & venu geet. Gopis are eagerly awaiting to hear Him & see Him.  No matter what chores Gopis do, they never stop thinking about Him or talking about Him.  Now, He cannot wait to see them too. Life is a gift from God to serve Him & love Him with what we have (body, mind, intellect, emotions & objects).  The Lord Sri Krishna being the symbol of love, not only responds, but gives Himself to such a devotee!  This love is possible only through His grace.  He alone decides, to who, He should give it to.  Hence Love, Serve & Wait with patience!


utsavam shrama-ruchapi drishinam unnayan khura-rajash-chhurita-srak |

ditsayaiti suhrud-asisha esha devaki-jathara-bhurudhu rajah || 23 ||

  Hey saki! ‘Utsavam’  is festival caused by the darshan of Krishna.  So the coming of Nandagopa’s son, is the festival of joy for the eyes of the Gopis.  There is Devaki’s son, who though appears to have been born from her stomach(jatara), is the Lord Himself . His appearance is sacred (divyam).

The Lord is no maternity product. He being Param-atma, Viswatma, entered the mind of Vasudeva & Vasudeva began to shine brilliantly like the sun. Afterwards, Devaki, absorbed through her mind, the Supreme Lord – in the Samadhi state  (highest divine absorption) from Vasudeva – like the absorption of the moon in the eastern sky.  Devaki looked brilliant & always had a divine smile on her face.  When the right time came, He appeared in chaturbhuja swarupa with shanka, chakra, gadha, padma.

“Tam adbhutam balakam Ambujeshanam, Chatur bhujam, shanka chakra gada yudham|

shrIvatsa-lakShmaM gala-shobhi-kaustubhaM pItAmbaraM sAndra-payoda-saubhagaM||”

Bhagavan Shyama Sundar is coming back in the evening as  (unnetha) a leader with Gopas following behind.  He’s wearing a garland, which is smeared with goo dhuli  (dust raising from the hoofs of the cows) though looks to be tired  (drishinam),  is still playing His venu & comes back Utsavam is the festival to the eyes to have His darshan. His darshan is to give bliss (Ananda) to Gopis, whose eyes have been waiting to see Him all day long.

Gopis feel the pain of His delicate feet (komala padambhujam) walking in the forest & feel how tired He must be working all day.  ‘Tat sukham sukithva’ – His comfort, His Happiness is their top most priority.  Gopis say He’s ‘Ashisha:’ one who fulfills all desires (kamanas), with just His sight (dristi). Its their fortune (suhrud) that His sight (dristi) is on Gopis.

The dust of the cows feet (goo dhuli) rising from the cows is artha (wealth), cows hoof itself is dharma & the dhuli on Bhagavan’s garland is kama (desire) & He Himself is the giver of Liberation (Moksha dhatha).  Thus He was ready to grant the wishes of whatever His devotee  (bhakta) desired. The hoofs of the cows is symbolic of the righteousness (dharma) first goal of human life.  The dust is wealth (artha) & smearing of dust on the Lord’s garland is desire (kama).  The purpose of the Lord incarnation was to fulfill all their desires & confer  ‘bliss’ on His devotees.


mada-vighurnita-lochana ishath maanadah sva-suhridham vana-mali |

badhara-pandu-vadhano mridu-gandam mandayan kanaka-kundala-lakshmya || 24 ||

Yadu sresta – the crown jewel of Yadu clan, Sri Krishna, with His enchanting eyes, conferring a little pride in the minds of His friends, having adorned Himself with garland (vanamala), His beautiful cheeks shining from brilliance of golden ornaments in His ear. Madavi ghoornita Lochana – There is pride in His eyes seeing  devotees (bhaktas, Gopis) & also rolling His shining eyes, to bless them with spiritual wisdom.  Pride represents ‘omniscience’ (total knowledge) He also shows respect by giving them respect (maan), He’s taking away their ego (abhimaan).  He looks towards Gopis, to show that He has come just to see them.


yadu-patir dvirada-raja-viharo yamini-patir iva, yesha dinante |

muditha-vaktra upayati durantham mochayan vraja-gavam dina-tapam || 25 ||

 Gopis call Him, Yadhu Pathi – the crown jewel of Yadhu clan. Though He’s acting as Gopala (cowherd), He’s actually Yadhu Pathi & He’s the King (Prabhu) of them.  Having played the games with Gopa like a King Elephant, He sets the rules of the game for He’s totally independent like an elephant. He enacts the divine leelas like the way He wants to, for no rule is applicable to Him. He came back to Vraja with His captivating smile, removes the sorrow of vraja’s people caused by His separation (viraha) during the day like Yamini Pati Lord of the night, moon which removes the heat of the day.  This Lord of ours who is our everything  & Prana Natha, with His mesmerizing smile will confer the bliss of divine self to us.


shri-shuka uvacha:

evam vraja-striyo rajan krishna-lilanu gayati: |

remire ‘hah, su tach-chitta: tan-manaska mahodaya: || 26 ||

  Hey King (Rajan)!!  These fortunate Gopis, were always singing the leelas of Bhagavan Sri Krishna, had Him in their mind always & their minds remained joyful & cheerful always.  Like the way Bhagavan tells Naradha  “I dwell not in Vaikuntha nor in the hearts of the Yogins, but I dwell where my devotees sing my name, O Narada.”   This is the phala stuti. Pure devotion towards Bhagavan is granted for those who chant Yugal Geet, which in turn will make Lord Sri Krishna give Himself to such Devotee.


  *****Sri Krishna Charanara Vindharpana Mastu*****