Why is the Mind always noisy?

.noisy mind

By Swami Chinmayananda

It is the symptom of a disease. It is the cry of the Infinite locked within the prison of the finite. It is the suffocation of the Eternal caged within the envelopment of the ephemeral. It is the helplessness of the Sentient bound by the inert. It is the fear of the Existence threatened by the non-existent. It is the un-comfort of the Auspicious when surrounded by the inauspicious.

It is the urgent call of the Divine saying, “Wake up to thy nature Divine!” We, are made in the image of God. But somewhere we made a terrible mistake. Instead of identifying with – the Pure Consciousness in us – we got identified with the matter envelopment, namely the body, mind and the intellect.

Body goes through six stages. It exists; it is born; it grows, matures, decays and finally dies. But due to the identification with the body we experience as though all these changes of birth, growth, disease, old age and death happen to us. For the unborn, birth is misery. For the undying, death is a unthinkable. For the Infinite, finitude is torture. For the Blissful, misery is intolerable. Thus the mind is ever noisy trying to come out of its misery in various ways.

This noisy mind sings its tragic tale in six melodies – desire, anger, greed, delusion, arrogance and jealousy.

How to silence the mind and put an end to this abhorrent weep and wail?

The cause is ignorance, and therefore the solution is wisdom.  Educate the mind of its true nature.  Let it seek happiness, not from outside, but from within.  In the direct experience of the Self, Being or consciousness, the mind desires nothing more to know, as all the doubts are dispelled.

Silence the mind and listen; this is the final stage of meditation.