In his explanation on GopiGeet, Shree Vallabh in His opening remark mentioned the reason why Gopis recited the praises of Lord. According to Him Gopis had two reasons to indulge in the praise of the Lord.

1. Through their habits and character (Swabhavthi)
2. The guilt (Apradhbhavathi)

In the state of hilag (state of separation from Lord and period of being unhappy during separation is known as hilag) it is the human nature to remember Lord and try to praise Him. The Praise Of Lord is known as gungan. This is the human character and the automation of praise is a built in thermostat in humans. It is a well-known fact that a lovely sonnets and songs, poems and music is born in seperation state. During this state the habits and the characters automate that vibrant command that triggers sadness in the words. When two lovers get separated and the when the separation becomes a taboo, the lovers remembers the happy days together and words of praises becomes the art of entertainment and dedication. This form of art is known as ardent devotion and the habits take form of thoughts that uses the memory lane to jog into word which in return takes a form of songs or poems, Gopis took this route and it became known as GopiGeet.

Bhagvad smaran becomes natural in seperation and one does form the habit to do the smaran and sing praises. Vraj Gopis had habits to sing praises for Krishna, this way for them song was a weapon to cure seperation, and Gopis gave the nation of Krishna’s lovers that seperation geet, the GopiGeet. We become habitual in taking medicine to get rid of the disease. GopiGeet was a kind of medicine to cure seperation and take them to that previous mode of normality, the state of Maharaas, the state of happiness, and the state of sanindhiya, in which everything was hunky-dory.

Now in the second reason, Shree Mahaprabhuji wrote that the Gopis realised the sin of pride. As a solution, the Gopis decided that humble gesture within the mode of repent would set balance into previous medium of happiness.

Gopis said to Krishna:
O, Shyamsunder, you summoned us in Maharaas; you gave us the divine raas leela’s eternal pleasure, fulfilled our desire and gave us the pleasure of your presence and form. You made our soul worthy of you and we returned the complements by that aweful sin of pride. Now, we have only one way to sort this situation, and that is to sing songs of your praises and that will hopefully make you come back.

There is also a third reason why Gopis sang GopiGeet. They explained it by saying:

O Krishna, you played your divine flute in Vrandavan and called us to take part in Maharaas, it was your divine song from the divine flute, which attracted us in Vrandavan. We are now going to entice you with enchanting songs of praise so we can be face to face and enjoy the pleasure, which ended so abruptly.

The doctrines that describes moods of love explains that when in love, the love makes us laugh, sometimes it makes us cry and it is rare, but it does make us search in love. We have periods where lover’s tiff makes each other aloof and then comes the period of making up with each other. All this is fair and lovely within the parameters of love. The nectar of love instigates lover’s tiff (maana) and the bhakta occasionally gets entangled in this tiff. This maana, the lover’s tiff is sometimes shallow (swakalp) and sometimes takes the serious mode, which Shree Gusainji classified as Pragadh manna. The lover’s tiff makes love and its permutation more strong and divine (pushta) and then the lover’s song takes the birth. This way maana can keep that close raas of love and sing the glories and praise of the loved ones.

The reason gopis became victim of pain of seperation is demonstrated by Shree Krishna Himself in Bhrammar-Geet. He said:

Hey pyari Sakhis, I want your heart to imbibe within my heart, attracted to my form, heart beats sing the songs of my praise and forever regale (indulge) in my memory and my leelas. The soul becomes sweet when thinking about me. When caught with the disease of love, become love sick in my absence, and during my absence when the soul (gopis) desire, ache, covet, crave, dream of me, eats one’s heart out over my memories, hanker, itch, lust, pine and sets one’s heart on me by want, wish and yearn with that cry of missing me (seperation); and that is why I used the ego in you and became vanished from your eyes. And thus I did become the centre point of your eyes and vision. This way I reside in everyone and everything.

When a beautiful woman hides her beauty behind the burkha (face covering veil) similarly Shree Krishna resides His exceptionally beautiful form into the hearts of Bhakta. This is His way to hide behind burkha. This way when real form is gone into their hearts, Lord further sanctifies the innermost of soul. This is only possible, because, these Gopis had already been arrowed by stambhan. This way the pure heart will have realisation of omnipotent form and the omnipresence of Shree Hari. So seperation is a vehicle devised to take bhaktas to next level of their spiritual life and also to the leelas. It is the heart ache that constitutes the realization of one’s love.
The route of love in Bhakti Marg, that the path of devotion is very complicated and viprit (difficult). A poet wrote that where the separation (virah), the fire of separation, burns ones heart, it also infuses happiness, when in separation one travels on memory lane and that brings tears of happiness. Then again when a moment of memory lane vanishes, the loved one will dive into unhappiness and feels that the misery of separation is like venom, the worse poison ever discovered in the path of love.

But when one does get out of virah, then this venom becomes amrita, a liquid of eternal love and happiness. So viraha-agni, the burning desire during separation, for bhakta is desire of love that will enhance closeness and a will bring the loved one’s into progression of next stage of eternal love and happiness. So separation is very essential ingredient that combined with surrender; takes you to Pushti state of Lord’s love and affection, including the grace bestowed by Him.

This way Lord infuses love in the eternal spiritual land of never ending nectar of leelas and manorath. The route cause is separation, and the path for grace is through separation. It is a powerful vehicle which takes you to Love-land of Lord Krishna, safely. It protects one from inferior complexity of liberal non-religious entity, it imbibes into the true form of Krishna and drowns the bhakta in the ocean of devotion and love with Lord Krishna. So this way Krishna bestowed that grace of separation so his worthy soul could dip in the ever green grace of his love.