Adorable Boss of the Blue

By Swami Chinmayananda

The supreme essence born of exquisite beauty, music and joy, dazzling in wisdom, noisy with laughter, ever a master of circumstances, a king of events , frisking about in life’s melancholy conventions, meeting challenges with daring and confidence, a hero and a child all rolled in one – this is the perfect God-man, the eternal child of Vrindavan – The Adorable Boss of the Blue, Shri Krishna.

The minds natural tendency is to flow out into the world of things and happenings around, enticed by the magical promises of happiness. To restrain this outward flow of mind and redirect it to the ‘source of all is Magic’ is the first constructive step toward self-realization. The mind is been given the most enchanting form to meditate upon, more enchanting then what is obtained in the outside world.

This is done through the form of Shri Krishna, whose each limb and adornment is not only captivatingly beautiful but also immeasurably deep in its philosophical import, thus captivating but the emotional and intellectual aspects of the devotee.

A great devotee sings of the enchanting form thus:” Oh Lord of lords, who on this earth is not entranced  by your form, which in all the three worlds, He is grander than the grandest, more bewitching than the most bewitching, more resplendent then the most resplendent, sweeter than the sweetest, more beautiful than the most beautiful and more wondrous than the most wondrous.” – Narayaneeyam.

His beautiful form is adorned by His glories: the peacock feather tucked onto His curly hair is Maya (illusion), the sandal paste mark on His forehead is Yoga (the  Jnana or wisdom), the garland of wild flowers (Vanamala) is the synthesis of three Gunas (Universal Nature), the Blue color of His Divine Body bespeaks the Infinity that He is, the yellow silk (Pitambhara) clothing His Body, conceals His infinite nature.

The flute in His hand is our own entity having the seven openings comprising  of the five organs (Jnana-indriyas), mind (Manas) and intellect (Budhi).  He sings His ecstatic Music of Life through the eighth hole at the top of the flute, which is the Ego (Ahamkara).  When we surrender this personality of ours in His Hands, the music that flows out through such a flute is the divine melody of Krishna, having the touch of Glories and Perfections.

This however, the experience of the great Masters that the seeker’s mind in the beginning, due to its vacillating nature, cannot rest in contemplation upon any one form. Therefore, the Leela (sportive acts) of the Lord are described, where in the mind gets in limitless field to wonder about, and then tired, can get back to the Center of it all – The Blue Boy of Vrindavan.

Vrindavan is our own hearts; the cows are the indriyas (sense organs) and the Gopis are the various occupations of our own minds and intellects.  Indriyas grazing in the world of sense objects under the benign gaze of the Lord, and the Gopis ‘milking’ them at the end of the day with the songs of the Lord in their hearts.  And the Gopis keeping away the butter and the sundry of the Lord to loot them all at His own sweet will, is the sublime life of self-surrender of the impossibly simplest, but in fact the greatest of the devotees.

This is the life of Vrindavan, of which the poets have sung in great ecstacy and wherein the contemplative ones have lost their hearts.  Anyone of these divine Leelas is capable of lifting one into sublime heights of contemplation and forget oneself in divine ecstacy!  “He alone gains Him, who chooses Him.”



  1. Keya Ghosh  November 3, 2015

    Very beautiful explanation of Krishna and his glories! I did not know what the flute, the peacock feather, etc. meant earlier. I just had a glimpse and some idea that probably the blue colour of Krisna represented the infinity that we see in the blueness of the vast sky. Thanks for explaning this so clearly. I will share it with other devotees and friends.

  2. venkateswarlu chebrolu  March 6, 2016

    The GOD, the SOUL, the LIFE and the UNIVERSE is a part of the Lord … KRISHNA, GOVINDA, GOPALA, APADBHANDAVA, Jai SRI KRISHNA!


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