Shree Veda Vyasa has  pointed out a meaning of word Raas, and that is, ‘raso vai sah’. That is a ras(juice) of the Lord’s love(bhakti) which installs the permanent bliss  of Happiness and the joy; which also takes one to the summit of this  mountain of Joy(Anand Sikhara).  Once this ras has reached the peak, or summit, it sets its camp permanently at this level, hence the joy, happiness and grace stays intact at this level.  It this level which is known as Raas.

The Gopis enjoyed (ras of Maharaas)  the Lord (Bhagawan) with all their five senses.  These senses and elements are:


No: ……….Senses………………..Element of enjoyment

1 ………. Words (sabda)……………………The ears

2 ………. Touch (Sparsh)…………………..The skin

3 ………. Beauty (roop)…………………….The eyes

4 ………. Taste (ras,swaad)……………….The Tongue

5 ………. Aroma (sugandh)………………..The nose


1.  Sabda-ras (words)

The most exotic river bank of Kalindiji was the venue of this Maharaas,  Shree Krishna played his divine flute and drenched all Gopis with the musical words of that flute. The theme of this musical interlude was Prem Mantra, the mantra of love. So this mantra was a way to teach the ardent bhakta, Gopis to love and imbibe and assimilate in their worships, that serving Krishna and become Guru of LOVE. This Mantra is most amazing mantra as it has that element of spiritual divine attachment (Alokik Mohini) and this mantra is “Sabda-ras”. This was the power of words which spread into Vraj and all the Gopis heard these words of invitation through Prem-Mantra and went to Maharaas.

In this  we see two types of vani, (spoken words) and they are: ‘Bhakta Vani’ spoken by devotee and Bhagvan Vani, spoken by the Lord.  Devotee speaks Madhur Vani, sweet words, so does the Lord.   Bhakta’s words are full of love & affection, so is the Lord’s. And these were the style and the nature of the Gopi’s call which was assimilated & absorbed in the Gopi-Geet. When God heard this, the melody of sweet words, he could not resist and had to reappear. This is the power of  words of pure love (bhakti)and the devotional interlude in pangs of separation.


2.  Sparsh-ras (touch)

When Krishna’s Sparsh (touch) is inbibed in this then that bliss (Anand), a state is reached in which the anand,  converts into “Eternal Bliss” (Param Anand).  It is said that every hair on the bodies of these Gopi’s had this Param Anand and took them to a divine spiritual plane.  It is said “Brahma samsparsham atyantha sukha mashnuthe” – The divine touch infuses infinite bliss of oneness with the Lord (Brahma).


3.  Roop Sparsh (Divine Darshan)

Shree Krishna gave Gopis the darshan of his Divine Form, which we know as Roop. In Maharas the divine form of Krishna gave yet that exotic form of Raas Bihari.   In this form Krishna wore Moormukut (Crown with peacock feather), Pithambar Dhari with pearl and opal ornaments, with His mesmerizing dancing eyes and  the enchanting smile on His face..He was beauty personified.

This was the ras of Sparsh, in this ras all the Gopis were able to see Shree Krishna Chandra’s exotic, enticing, imbibing and amazing form along with His divine touch.


4.  Ras Sparsh (Taste)

This Ras Sparsh is tied with being face to face and then imbibing in alluring coral red lips of Shree Krishna,  that comprises of nectar (adara-mrutam). With this Shree Krishna opens the gates of love and blessed women of Braja (Vraj) who are swept away in current of devotion (bhava) to the Lord. In this ras, Krishna shows that He is the Lord of Spring &  sets the scene of supreme season of Love.

All Gopis then nourish that love and inspire it to arise and makes Krishna the basis of their Maharaas leela-mood and the emotion (bhava) is one & only Shree Krishna.


5.  Ras Sugandh (Fragrance)

The intoxicating fragrance of His divine body,  coupled with Vanamala (garland of forest flowers) & tulasi mala (garland of tulasi)  took  the Gopi’s  to spiraling levels of ecstasy.    Even the bees got attracted to the Lord & were dancing around Him.  Now, what to talk about the state of Gopis.


This way Krishna gave bliss to Gopi’s in three stages, Sat, Chit and the third is Anand.

Sat Sparsh

In this sparsh He shows the Gopis that he is the Braham, the creator of Universe. That sparsh takes Gopis to the divine spiritual touch. Sat means truth.

Chit Sparsh

After Sat Sparsh, these Gopis are graduated into second stage of ecstasy, the Chit Sparsh. This touch imbibes in triggering that mind with the knowledge of Sri Krishna’s form. Here the Gopis are encouraged to behold Him with eyes, and then with all senses. To imbibe in His form, His divine essence alone is a reward.

Anand Sparsh

Once gopis became addicted to the Lord (Bhagawan), then that divine state is expressed by Shree Krishna’s complete Sat-chid-ananda swaroop. The firm mood of love is created and then revealed to Gopis, enhanced to experience to the emotion (bhavas). This allows the sensitive souls of Gopis to understand that ras that exists in Maharaas.

Reading about the Maharaas, the beautiful Leela where the Jeevathma & Paramatma unite, will help you win over Kandarpa (Kama), materialistic desires.