By Sri Swami Chinmayananda

Thought is always connected to an object. Without an object, there is no thought. When there is no thoughts, as in deep sleep, there are no objects When there is no object with a name and a form, or emotion, then you cannot think. Every thought has got an object, a theme, a subject, on which thought hangs.

Sit down in a corner and trying to think with no objects. When objects are removed, thoughts are not there. Everyone of you has knowledge of millions of objects – things and beings in the universe that you have seen and experienced millions of objects. Luckily all objects do not become your thoughts. If all objects you know become your thoughts you would become a  patient for the nearest psychological hospital.

Camel, cat, dog, table, chair. When I said these words is it not true that when I said the word Camel, the Camel thought came to your mind.  The moment that sound symbol came that object became a thought.  I’m sure no one was thinking about a camel until I said camel or a cat or table or chair. So for a thought an object  is necessary, but all the objects that I know will not become my thoughts.

Only when I become conscious of an object, it becomes a thought. When I said camel you became conscious of the camel.  So a thought is, an object plus consciousness. Conscious of an object is a thought. So object plus consciousness is a thought.

Therefore, simple arithmetic:
 Thought minus Object = Consciousness.


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