The Maharaas was set in Sarad (spring) season. In this season the spring looks fresh, clean and we see two major changes on earth, fresh water springs and clear sky.  And raas of raas-leela can only be bestowed on one whose heart is pure & mind is clear.

In other words one’s feelings (bhavna shakti) and thinking (vichar shakti) are not polluted by material entity. Then Krishna Chandra infuses fresh rays of light into the hearts and minds of these Adhikari gopis. With these fresh rays of spring, one can feel and enjoy the complete Maharaas and its full permutation of the raas of this Raas-leela.

These Vraj Swamini’s are really not just ordinary gopis; they were from previous reincarnation of Rushi-munis, Veda, Shruti and Devas. So such ardent crowd of Gopis were having the nectar of Maharaas at its peak and Shree Hari did not look back in supplying raas at its full throttle. He wide opens the raas into its swaroop ras and then took them into the depth of Purna Purshottam ras and then added nectar which took them into divine love which uprooted the worldly hankering.

The next secret of Raas-leela is Vrundavan. That lovely sacred perfect Shree Yamuna, whose clear waters associated with the greenery in the forest that obligated devotional seeds of Krishna love. She became perfect scenario and divine setting for the venue for the Raas. Vrandavan also enslaved Shree Giriraj mountain. All the Kunj and Nikunj (gardens and stately greenery)  enhanced the secluded venue of Maharaas. All these are the secret ingredients of Maharaas raas, a venue of playground for Shree Krishna.

The venue became the blessed state of addiction for Raas and perfectly established the game Rashik Chandra wanted to infuse with Vraj Gopis to accomplish the experience He wanted to associate with these bhaktas. Bhagavan Krishna never played Raas in dark nights, always fond of moon light, Raas was focused when the full moon infused with sixteen virtues (soadasha kala) of moon-shine. If the steps and dance hits the top notch of active and physical dance, then moon will grace with sharp but cool rays to fill the atmosphere where these moon shines attracts cool breeze so Krishna and gopis can keep cool.

Shree Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya in the beginning of his opening remark when writing on Maharaas, wrote:
Transition from Brahmanand to Swaroopanand, is an experience which is Prabhu’s leela, and this leela is Raas Leela.

This is the swaroopanand and it’s raas is described by Gopis in Gopigeet.

In Taiteriya Upnishad Jyotirmai describes Brahma anand and Akshar Braham anand as Ganita anand (Arithmetic theology), which can be counted or measured.  Shree Krishna Chandra, in Raas-leela had bestowed that anand, nectar of raas leela’s raas, was so intense and immense that year after year and century to century, one would not be able to count or account for this ras, hence this anand is not Ganit Anand. Such was the beauty of Raas-leela, a alokik raas-leela in which Brahma himself settled in mana (mind), Pran (life source), Indriya (senses) and Budhi (intellect) of gopis who were in Maharaas. Such was the anand of Swaroop Anand in Maharaas.