BY Paramahamsa Yogananda

Karma is the law of action. Mind or body in a specific form of movement is termed ‘action’. Every action mentally or physically performed, consciously or unconsciously, has a specific effect on the life of man.

These good and bad effects of actions, remain in the subconscious mind. The seed effects of actions – good or bad – of what you have sown, you must reap now or in the future. It is not God who punishes to you or rewards you. You are your own judge. Your physical body too, was not manufactured by God alone. You have done much work on it.

Action that is performed in this life by free will and intelligence is called free action. And actions performed under the influence of habits established by actions in the past lives, come as the instincts and habits of this life. This inner environment governs your life.  There is also an outer environment – the world, nation, family, neighborhood, books and so forth.  Every person is subject to influence of various kinds; world influence, national karma, family and friends influence,  those acquired through heredity, or through reason; and the effect of independent will upon action. These all influence man’s action.

The law off action or karma, is not fate. The effects of whatever you have done may be changed. Many people confuse karma with what they called fate. The effect of an action for which a person is responsible may not come to him until a long time afterward, when he is forgotten about the action. Not being able to account for the effect because he has forgotten it’s cause, he decides that he must be a victim of fate.

The idea of fate springs from ignorance of the real cause that operate to produce a particular event. The seed effects of our actions did not always immediately sprout, and if we happen to think of the possible consequences, we quickly forget if the results are not immediately forthcoming. But the seed effects born of these actions remain hidden, & ready to germinate into the seemingly sudden and unexpected events of life. Then we mistaking think them to be caused by an external fate. But there really is no such force as fate .Our lives are completely governed by our past actions

Different habits are controlling our different lives. Everything we are now, and everything that’s happening to us now, comes from the past. This lesson is to show you that you should going through life feeling beaten and thinking that everything disagreeable that happens to you is caused by an unjust fate. Nothing rules you.  You are the architect of your own destiny.

Decrease the percentage of undesirable karmic actions and increase the percentage of your good actions.  Individual as well as collective actions produce vibrations in the ether that affect the world in good or bad ways. Think before you act.

“I’m going to use my reason and free choice to act rightly in all life situations. Nothing rules me.  I am the architect of my own destiny.