Test of Tolerance


By Swami Rama Tirtha

Every man remains peaceful as long as their life is running smoothly, without any worries, woes, pains or sufferings,  It is no big achievement if you remain peaceful under favorable circumstances.  But the moment you are confronted with anything which goes wrong or happens against your will, you are likely to lose your equanimity. If you are insulated, humiliated or provoked by some vindictive person who may unnecessarily try to malign you making you lose your temper instantaneously.   It is only under adverse and trying circumstances that your spirit of tolerance is put to real test.

What should you do then?  Retaliate and pay back?  It will have no end then.  Leave it to God, the all-disposer.  If your opponent is not amenable to reason inspite of your best efforts and if you have not developed enough moral strength to quietly tolerate the vituperation, it would be worthwhile to get away from that infectious atmosphere in order to avoid unpleasantness or provocation.  Otherwise you should mater enough strength to tolerate it in cheerful way. Do not feel annoyed or disturbed. Remember, that nothing can enrage you, unless you take it u and appropriate it to yourself. You should, therefore, smile it away and keep quiet. There is no safer test of greatness than the faculty to let the mortifying and insulting expressions pass unheeded. Ignore them.

Let nothing pique you. If at all necessary, attend to the aggressive,unreasonable and hostile opponent, as doctors attend to the patients as unaffected witness, free from all entanglements. You are not just the body, mind or intellect. You are the Consciousness itself, which is much above any insult or humiliation. Remain immune to any infectious utterances. It may appear a bit difficult in the beginning, but through sincere efforts, gradually it will become easy to practice.

Your opponent’s body might have fully developed but the mind might not have evolved in the right direction. Mentally, he is still a child. He is more to be pitied than resented.

Feel your own inner divinity or being, and all the darkness will disappear. Always remember you’re happiness and bliss personified. You will thus remain all-peaceful and maintain your equanimity even in the most provocative circumstances. Keep your mind cool for your own peace of mind. Make a promise, no matter what happens you will never create pain to yourself.