Is Our  Life Predestined?




Around the world, seekers of different faiths and traditions ask, “Is our  life predestined?” The simple and truthful answer is, “Yes.” The past has created the present. The present creates the future. Thus, destiny continues to unfold as a matter of cause and effect.

The answer, however true, gives rise to even more important questions. ...

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Enjoy the Differences



By EknathEaswaran


Diversity is a part of life. If all of us thought and spoke and acted alike, the world would be about as interesting as a condominium with every room the same. Fortunately, we come from different homes, go to different schools, hold different jobs, and have been exposed to different influences.

Naturally, when we get together ...

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Lord is true companion


A wallet was found in a train & an old man said it was his and cited the Lord’s  (Lord Krishna) picture inside the wallet, as a proof that it really belonged to him. After the wallet was restored to him, he began on his own to relate the history of the wallet. Soon he had a cluster of eager passengers around him as he began to narrate ...

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