Is there negativity in me at this moment?


By Eckhart Tolle

Ask yourself, “Is there negativity in me at this moment?” Then, become alert, attentive to your thoughts as well as your emotions. Watch out for the low-level unhappiness in whatever form that I mentioned earlier, such as discontent, nervousness, being “fed up,” and so on.

Watch out for thoughts that appear to justify or explain this unhappiness but in ...

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Developing a Positive & Befriending Mind

.positive mind

By Sri Sri Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari

Basically, you are nothing but a bundle of vibrations. You are vibrating at different frequencies, at different times, at different levels. When you are spiritually connected, you cannot help but be positive. Positive energy is the aura of your spirit, which is one with all that is. ...

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How to stop Gossiping

.Stop Gossip

By Paramahamsa Yogananda

Your individual happiness depends to a large extent upon protecting yourself and your family from the evil results of gossiping. See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil, think no evil, feel no evil. Most people can talk about other people for hours ...

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What is Prayer..


By Sri Chinmayananda

Most of us are inspired to pray only at the time of emotional upheaval, when failure, success, or deep fears overwhelm us.  At those times in our lives, something is stirred up in man’s heart; Faith in a greater being or power, is born and prayer follows.  Prayer is thus the deepest impulse of the ...

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All love silence – Why?


By Swami Chinmayananda

All goodness & auspiciousness in nature express as silence.

Sun rises in silence.  Bodily organs function in silence.  Flowers bloom in silence.  Beings evolve amidst the marching seasons in silence.  Mother nature’s love pours out in silence.  The ignorant rejuvenates in the sleepy depths of silence…

An intellect free of doubts is in silent.  A ...

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I Want Peace



By Pujya Chidananda Saraswati

 “I Want Peace” – Remove the “I,” remove the “Want,” all that remains is “Peace.” The mantra of today seems to be, “I want peace. Tell me how to find it.” The obstacle and the solution are buried in the statement. An “I,” a “want,” and a “peace.” If you remove the “I” and the ...

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Freedom From Negative Moods

mind calm

By Paramahansa Yogananda


Resurrect yourself from the littleness of life, the little things that disturb you.

Nobody likes misery. Why not analyze yourself next time you are in a mood? You will see how you are willingly, willfully making yourself miserable. And while you are doing so, others around you feel the unpleasantness of your state ...

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