Steps to go higher on Spiritual Path – II



4. Swadhayay – Sacred Study

Swadhayay typically means study of the scriptures. It is very important to read something spiritual, something inspiring every day. This helps to keep us on track and to keep our mind pure. Otherwise, we tend to get lost in our own mind’s sea of confusion.

However, it is important to ...

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How to Practice Surrendering to God


By Sri Sri Suddhananda Brahmachari

We have love in our heart.  That is natural.  We give our love to anyone, to everything in the world but we don’t give it for its own sake. In return we want happiness. In so giving we are disappointed.  We suffer.  Finally we come to see that what we are seeking was ...

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How to overcome anger

overcome anger

By Ram Sukhdas

First think of how anger sprouts? Anger sprouts forth from desire. Men generally think that desire means the wish to gain money, property, material wealth etc. This is also desire, but the real desire is things should be favorable to us. If things are not favorable to our will, we get ...

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A Devotee who attained God – ‘Andal’


‘Andal’ or ‘Godha’ is one of the most extraordinary personalities, who was devotion (bhakti or pure love) personified.   She was born to  a devout person named ‘Vishnuchittar’ who lived in Villiputtur, a town near Madurai in South India.  The name ‘Vishnuchittar’ means one who has the Lord Vishnu in his mind (chitta) always. His daily duties included procuring flowers for the worship of the Lord at the ...

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Be the person, you want others to be

By Paramhansa Yogananda

Let us create inner dwellings of beautiful qualities, erecting them in valleys of humbleness where gather the rains of God’s mercy and of other people’s good wishes for us. Divine grace can make fertile the most arid heart, transforming its brown desert into a verdant garden of inner happiness and peace.

Never dwell on the thought of your shortcomings. ...

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