Mind at Meditation

mind at meditation


By Swami Chinmayananda

 An alert undisturbed mind is the Mind at Meditation.  Here is how to attain this:

When we look at an object through our mind, we never see the object as it is.  We always see it colored through our mind.  One who does not right knowledge can look, but does not see.  He ...

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What is ‘Mantra’


By Chamunda Swami

The word ‘Mantra’ is a Sanskrit word, made up of two root words. Man means ‘mind’ or thinking, tra means ‘to release or to free’.  Therefore the meaning of mantra is to free the mind and thinking from the material sphere of consciousness, thus transcending the physical world.

A mantra is composed of sacred sound vibrations ...

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Handle Difficulties


By Swami Khecaranatha

The hardest thing for us to believe is that we can live in our heart all the time, in a place of happiness and profound joy. We do not believe we can live there, because it has been our experience that although we find our inner connection, when we walk out of the door and ...

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