Is there negativity in me at this moment?


By Eckhart Tolle

Ask yourself, “Is there negativity in me at this moment?” Then, become alert, attentive to your thoughts as well as your emotions. Watch out for the low-level unhappiness in whatever form that I mentioned earlier, such as discontent, nervousness, being “fed up,” and so on.

Watch out for thoughts that appear to justify or explain this unhappiness but in ...

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Protecting Yourself from the Negativity of Others 

.Protect from Negativity


Every one of us, however conscious we are or not, must deal with all types of people in our lives. Because so few of us are fully conscious and aware at any given moment, it is easy to be drawn into negative fields. We need to become conscious of how others ...

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Mind at Meditation

mind at meditation


By Swami Chinmayananda

 An alert undisturbed mind is the Mind at Meditation.  Here is how to attain this:

When we look at an object through our mind, we never see the object as it is.  We always see it colored through our mind.  One who does not right knowledge can look, but does not see.  He ...

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