Radha Krishna

Radha Krishna


Jaya Jaya Deva Hare  – Victory to the Lord of the Universe!!


Chapter 1:  Greatness of Narayana’s Avataaras.

Chapter 2:  Guna & Bhuvana Soundarya Varnanam.

Chapter 3:  Detailed description of colors of spring. Hari dances with Gopis when spring is in full bloom – when Bhakti has peaked.

Chapter 4:  Kanhaiya’s rasa leela with Gopi’s.

Chapter 5:  Radha describes His rupa Madurya, to her saki.

Chapter 6:  Jeewathma’s dependency to Paramatma is described.  She asks Saki to bring Him Back.  Radha wants Him and Him alone.

Chapter 7:  Krishna repenting & missing Radha.

Chapter 8:  Radha’s saki describes to Krishna how much Radha misses Him.

Chapter 9:  Saki continous to explain the intense viraha of Radha.

Chapter 10:  Commanded by Krishna, Radha’s saki goes back to Radha to  explain    Krishna’s viraha.

Chapter 11:  Saki continous to describe Vanamali’s Viraha “Tava Virahe                              Vanamali.”

Chapter 12:  Seeing Radha powerless to leave, saki goes back to Krishna  & explains her state to Him.

Chapter 13:  Radha still waiting for Krishna, cried out her pain aloud  “whom can I seek refuge..Yamihe Kamiha Sharanam”.

Chapter 14:  Radha sees  her saki come back without Madhava, Radha  tells her saki that Krishna might be with another Gopi.

Chapter 15:  Gopala continous His raas  with the other Gopi says Radha –   “Ramate Yamuna pulina vane”

Chapter 16:  “Yaramitha Vanamalina Saki…” says Radha.

****Every atma has its own Paramatma, that it has raas with always.  Just like the reflection of the moon in every pot of water thinks moon to be its own..but in reality moon (Chandrama) is in the sky.

Chapter 17:  “Yahi Madhava..Yahi Keshava” Ha Madhava..Ha Keshava

Radha pukarathi, Bhavarisi dole vaan me Shyam ko pukarithi..She is ready to give uplife, for just a moment’s darshan of Krishna.

Chapter 18: Saki urges Radha to go to Madhava, letting go abhimana.  Two things which keeps away from Him “Ahamta” &  “Mamata”

Chapter 19: Darshana Astapadi – Krishna approaches Radha seeing Radha’s anger softened, Murari spoke to Radhika “Krishna idame tad           Anurupam..Priye Charushile”

Chapter 20: Saki coaxes Radha to follow Him.  Keshava who is dressed elaborately, waits for Radha “Hey Jeevathama, Paramatma is always  yours.  Never leave Him, follow Him”

Chapter 21: Radha stops at the entrance, modestly waiting for Madhava. But her saki urged her on “Pravisha Radhe, Madhava Samipam”.  Offer your singing,  your beauty, your inner glow & your bhava only to please and reach Him.

Chapter 22:  Kalyana Astapadi – Paramathma expresses joy, seeing His bhakta so close to Him.  And when Radha sees Jagan Mohona, tears of joy flow like streaming river.

Chapter 23:  Radha with deep love towards Madhava, smiles seeing Him. Krishna seeing the emotion of Radha’s heart spoke to His love “Narayana is your’s!  Be mine alone  Radhe!”

Chapter 24: Ananda Swaroopa Yadunandana, played to delight her heart.. “Nanda Nandane, Bhakta Chandane..”.  Jivathma wants Him to color her cheeks, twine her braid with flowers, fix row of bangles on the hands & jeweled anklets to the feet.  Paramathma abides to all jeevathma’s wishes, if and only if there is no other wants except HIM.