Stay above the storms of the heart


By Sri Swami Chinmayananda

The mind  (or the heart in this context) is the faculty which takes the decision compelled by the impulses and instincts, likes and dislikes, emotions and sentiments, amidst doubts and confusions.  The head, or the intellect, is the faculty which takes decisions based on the righteous ways of living.  Make your wise intellect the caption of your life, and not your confused mind, says the quote.

We become incapable of handling the outer disturbances when we operate through our mind rather than through the intellect.  When we allow the storms of the heart to rule over us, we blindly react.  When we allow the wise intellect to take charge, we intelligently respond.

A great poet once got lost in a forest. For three days he could not find the way out. Hungry, tired and worried about wild animals the whole night, sitting on the trees, and he whole day stumbling, trying to find some human being…The third night was a full-moon night.

He was sitting on a tree, utterly exhausted.  He looked at the moon, and suddenly he laughed.  He had written and read so many poems about the moon.  He laughed because when he looked at the moon, he didn’t see all those romantic things that he was talking of in his poems.  He laughed at himself, and for the first time he understood that what he had been saying about the moon had nothing to do with the moon; it had something to do with himself.

Everything you see is interpreted by what rules over you – head or heart.  One can handle these inner storms only if the intellect is made very powerful.  The intellect is strengthened by cultivating right understanding about life.  Once the intellect is strengthened through deep contemplation and meditation, it can easily handle the deceptive mind  and pull it out of all channels of dissipation.  Then alone all thought-storms of the heart can be subdued once and for all.

Know for sure that success is near, when the heart is pure and the head is clear.