(Excerpt from the talk delivered by
Pujya Swami Chinmayananda)


The Blue Boy of the banks of Yamuna – ever clothed in pithambhara (golden yellow garment), and singing away upon His divine flute, sending everyone around crazy in delight and joy – is a maddening picture of endless vedantic suggestions and imports.

Blue is the color of the Immeasurable, the Infinite.  Anything vast and immeasurable will appear to our fleshy eyes as blue, like blue sky or the blue ocean.  This infinite is the Blue Boy, is clothed in yellow robes.   ‘Yellow’ is the color of the earth.  The infinite expressing on earth is the Lord Sri Krishna – the Supreme ‘embodied’ is Bhagavan Sri Krishna – Paramatma.

He was born in the prison.  That prison is the bosom of Sages, who were contemplating on the great goal life, the purpose of life.  Krishna is Supreme Truth.  He was born in the quiet heart-caves of the sages (Rishis).  The senses are the gate keepers who slept, when the Lord was born in the heart.

Those Sages gradually transmitted their knowledge to their disciples.  Thus Krishna was moved from the prison to Yasoda’s house – the disciples heart.  Engaged perpetually in procuring, keeping and spending, we are fatigued; then in the deep sleep of midnight, the divine light shines forth during meditation in disciples heart and in that darkness the Blue Boy of Vrindavan is born, by the grace of the Guru.  The Sages through the scriptures brought Him to you and me.

During the first stage –  material prosperity transcends into spiritual progress. In the second stage – we become firmly established with Krishna.  We look after Him in all aspects – body, mind and intellect.  When the third stage comes – we study the scriptures.  We are convinced, then the city of Dwaraka is constructed.

After hearing about Him and singing His glories, we rise above the heart and meditate. Thus the Blue King of Dwaraka is the Lord of Consciousness.  The light of consciousness in me, is He.  What I perceive is due to His light.  He is one Life, of the entire universe.

There is a higher power pulsating in all of us.  It is the Light of Intelligence.  It illuminates the thoughts and feelings in us, “I’m happy”, “I am aware of the ideas”. The light illuminating all these facilities, is one and the same in all.  It represented as Sri Krishna.

This (Krishna) power is in everyone of us.  It is for us to make it bright.  To invoke Him, is only to claim Him.  “He alone gains Him, who chooses Him.”

He sings out His irrepressible joy on His flute.  He is never without His flute by day or night.  The flute in the hand of Krishna can be you or I.  In our structure, we have the eight spots: the five organs of perception, mind, intellect and the ego.  The Lord fills up with His Breath, and plays upon these spots to get the melody He wants. However, if we try to sing our own songs with our ego, we bring wrong notes into His Music Divine!

If we allow an uninterrupted and faithful flow of His will, He shall ever keep us in His hands, and never leave us even for a moment.