By Prof. Prema Pandurang

Speech Versus Silence 

Speech Educates, Silence Exalts.

To speak is to be silent ; to be silent is to speak

While we are silent for a while, our soul has progressed a mile

Silence leads to stillness of the mind, then cleansing, introspection and liberation.

Speech has limitations ; silence is boundless..

When man is silent, he prays for silent God’s grace!

Speech needs effort ; silence a lot more.

Speech has regrets, silence none.

The sun, moon, stars is silent; and so is dawn & dusk.

Life is a flower, silence is its fragrance, speech receives, silence gives.

Great works are inspired by speech, but written in silence.

Speech tends to control others, silence leads to self-control.

Speech makes you self-centered, silence makes you God-centered.

Speech is self-expression. Silence is self-experience.

Speech is indulgence, silence is denial.

Speech says “that is that”, “this is this”, silence says all in bliss!, bliss!, bliss!

Masters of speech, ultimately want to master silence.

Speech wants to conquer others ; silence helps conquer oneself.

Speech demands respect ; silence commands it.