In Raas-leela Shree Krishna, Atmaram, gave chance for utmost anand by taking command of Gopis mind, soul, life, heart and all the senses and towards the midst of Maharaas.  Gopis became transgressed into satwik pride. And the  Lord left from the Maharaas and Gopis became confused, unhappy and helpless.

Shree Krishna when speaking to Gopis said:

I cannot heed or sustain the pride (mada) of an ignorant man/woman, so how can I sustain the pride of educated person and my bhakta. I will come on earth as Krishna to do damana of the mada. Where there is mada and Moha (material infatuation), I Krishna will not reside in that environment. Because of this valence, I am called Mada Na Mohan, that is No Mada and no Moha, hence, my name is Madanamohan

The reason for God to disappear during Maharaas:

  • In Raas-leela, when gopis had satwik pride, Shree Krishna decided to vanish. In Maharaas, Krishna bestowed two elements, namely Prashman (pure) and Prasanna (pleasing). Prashman was used by Shree Hari to conquer mada and Prasanna was used to entice Gopis eyes and heart so they could see the Purna Purshottam in Maharaas. When pride seeped in Gopis, then Prashman and Prasanna left gopis and hence, Shree Gokulchandrama vanished.


  • The second reason was to explain all bhaktas that when a person has been granted the utmost position in Bhakti Marg, that person cannot exude pride and get away with it. As pride can destroy the dasa bhava. Even at this stage one has to maintain the position as a full surrender to Lord and Lord is Master and Das is the servant. So Das criteria is foremost humbleness to be at a total surrender. When this position tilts, Krishna moves away. This position was altered by Gopis pride and Krishna  disappeared.
  • Now the third reason why Shree Krishna disappeared. Krishna wanted Gopis to experience Viprayog raas with Sayog raas, so He disappeared. Sayog raas is the entity of being close with Thakorji and Viprayog is opposite of Sayog being separated from Him, but in this state one really misses Lord and a realization dawns on the victim of this yoga that he/she cannot live without Lord. This can be demonstrated when you are hungry, then eating becomes pleasure, drinking water becomes a happiness when one fulfills one’s quench. So food and water tastes sweater when you are hungry and quench takes that mode. Similarly, that hunger and quench for Krishna is created in Viprayog raas, the lovers meet and that is known as milan and when separated from each other it is known as Virah. So milan is Sayog raas and Virah is Viprayog raas. Love becomes intense in Virah, as the realization of milan and its beautiful permutation of love and closeness becomes that apparent. So in Virah, one will enjoy the memories of Milan. Shree Krishna decided to enhance the Sayog raas within Viprayog raas, so he disappeared.
  • The items which can be easily acquired becomes of no value or lesser when compared to the item which was very difficult or needed lots of effort to acquire. This is the law which was applied by Lord in Maharaas. He wanted to demonstrate that Lord is something which cannot be acquired so easily and if after hard work and acquisition in acquiring Him, one will appreciate Shree Krishna more. Taking this concept and also Shyamsunder likes hide and seek games, decided to disappear from Raas.
  • Shyamsunder had seen the happiness and laughter on the face of Gopis in Maharaas, so he wanted to play an opposite leela (Virudhabhas Leela). In this leela he wanted to make gopis cry. The tears then washes one’s mind and cleanses one’s heart.  These tears will then clear that pride which so ungratefully separated Krishna from them, in Maharaas.

This satwik pride is a positive pride. It is alokik, that is non materialistic pride that depicts a total devotional pride towards Krishna. As this pride is positive, it entails closeness and also entails a degree of punishment which in turn enhances closeness and a better position than previous one.

For instance, in Maharaas we saw gopis who did take pride into the stride and Krishna vanished from the Raas-leela. Here in normal instances, in alokik environment, one does not get this pride, but it was Lord Himself who fused the pride into gopis so he could take the gopis to next stage to enhance the pleasure gained in Maharaas. The pride always takes one to “Viprayog” sukh, which is mode in which one becomes agitated because one is away from the loved one, but, sweetly contempt’s into memory lane and walks on the plane of happy days. This Viprayog makes one to understand the reality of sanyog sukh, and this understanding takes person into the planes of repentance, which then slowly pushes the situation in which person comes back to it previous happiness, but this time into better position, that is the happiness is increased into two folds.

Gopis after satwik pride, became desperate as Lord Krishna vanished; this Viprayog then instigated birth of Gopi Geet.  The GopiGeet is the landmark which took the Gopis to the peak of pleasure and Maharaas was continued, this raas was enhanced into top notch of all the permutation of bhakti (love).