Sri Purandara Dasa was the only son of a wealthy merchant Varadappa Naik. He was given the name Srinivasa by his father, after the Lord of Tirumala. He received a good education in accordance with family traditions and acquired proficiency in Kannada, Sanskrit, sacred lore, and in music.

When he was sixteen years old he married Saraswati. He lost his parents when he was 20. He inherited his father’s business (in precious stones and pawn-broker), rapidly expanding it and amassing immense wealth. This earned him the appellation ‘Navakoti Narayana’ (a millionaire in early 1500 C.E.

We are continuing to add to the collection of the compositions from the great composer.  Please contact us, if you need lyrics for a specific song. Also, you can read more about the great saint here: Purandara Dasa