For You I was Made’

By Paramahamsa Yogananda


I was made for You alone, I was made for dropping flowers of devotion gently at Your feet.

My hands were made to serve You willingly; to remain folded in adoration, waiting for Your coming; & when You come , to bathe Your feet with my tears.

My voice was made to sing Your glory.

My feet was made to seek Your temples everywhere.

My eyes were made a chalice to hold Your burning love & the wisdom falling from Your nature’s hands.

My ears were made to catch the music of Your footsteps echoing through the halls of space, & to hear Your divine melodies flowing through all heart-tracts of devotion.

My lips were made to breathe forth Your praises.

My love was made to throw incandescent searchlight flames to find You hidden in the forest of my desires.

My heart was made to respond to Your call alone.