In the battle field of Kurushetra, where both the Kaurava & Pandava army had camped towards the onslaught of the war, a bird by name Didihari- a bird which lives the water bodies [a bird akin to our small sparrow] had laid its eggs.  This bird normally lays its eggs either in grass or in sand. If other animals, other creatures or men approach the laid eggs, it will make a noise; by chance if any crow or any other birds come near the eggs, it will attack them and push them away.

 In the Kurushetra battle field, one finds such a large gathering of the army consisting of elephants, horses, chariots and soldiers. Amidst such a chaotic confusion and turbulence, who in this world can notice these two tiny little birds hovering around those eggs in the land? As of now, the very fact that these eggs have not been damaged by the mighty legs of the elephants or the trampling legs of the horses or underneath the foot soldiers, itself is by a divine grace.

 Who would have had the time to look at those tiny  eggs which were grey in color, which matched  the color of the sand in that place.  In that battle field where men have assembled to either kill or get killed in the war, even if those eggs gets crushed beneath the legs of the men, no one is going to feel pittance for them on such a trivial issue.

 Men can afford to ignore the small creatures out of his pride and ego. However  all such creatures, are  second to none in terms of showering their love and affection towards their little ones.  The love and affection of these  weak pair  of  birds is in no  way inferior to the love and affection of what a mighty great emperor could show on his crown prince.

 Being weak birds, can these birds afford to keep flying amidst such a chaotic environment?  Hence they were forced to move away and rest in the night away from their eggs. However the truthful love and affection on their younger ones brought them back to that place again.

 The armies have finished their formations. Once the  conches started blowing & their sounds started echoing in the air, out of fear  the birds went away further. However the birds were restless due to the love of their dear ones. When they returned the battle field was in a short mode of silence. The chariot of Arjun, called Nandighosh was parked between the two armies. The dark colored handsome charioteer of the Nandighosh, was talking to his friend Arjun. That gap allowed the birds to go near their eggs, which possibly, could be last time too.

Suddenly that silence was broken. The roaring of the army men,  the blowing of the conches and the sound of arrows started piercing the air could be heard. Again the birds were struck with fear and started flying with fear and mental agony. In such a distress,  suddenly the birds started thinking about the Lord in their hearts. Before moving away due to the fear of death, they started praying to the Lord to save their eggs and prayed that He was their only recourse at that point of time.  They did not get an opportunity to come back to that place for 18 days when the war was happening. The birds are not even sure, if their prayers have been heard and if the Lord heeded to their request.

He who is the creator, for him all life is one and the same;  He who attentively listens to with the same attentiveness and  a kind heart to the prayers of all creatures; no sincere Prayer goes unanswered.

The Lord who was seated in the chariot; who passionately displayed his charioteering skills & interest to protect Arjuna. Upon listening to the the humble birds cryings, exhibited the same  interest & passion in unequivocal terms. The Lord compassionately had a look on the birds.  Isn’t it this Divine Drishthi (sight) which protects the Jeevans (souls) with infinite compassion and love adequate!!.

War started..Arjuna is in complete rajasic mood after hearing the Bhagavat Gita from Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna is busy being a charioteer and providing direction and guidance to Arjun at every moment. Suddenly the big elephant with a warrior named  ‘Bagadattan’ was coming in front of them. Lord Krishna tells, Arjuna, carefully aim at the gold chain and cut the left bell from the elephant.

 Arjuna does not have the time to ask why. Immediately the arrow from the Kandiba started and finished the task. The left bell was cut and fell on the ground. Beneath the bell, lay the eggs of the little ones and got completed secured.  Only the Lord could organize this ; once the war was over,  the tiny little birds hatched safely from their eggs and the Lord got the bell kicked by another animal so that the parent birds could come and take care of your young ones.

 If this anecdote makes you to shed some tears from your eyes, then that means you are a staunch devotee of Lord Krishna..

 The Lord has never let down any one who has ever approached with their sincere prayer.


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