.blue boy


 By Prof  Prema Panduranga

This Supreme Essence born as personification of Beauty, Wealth, Music and Joy, dazzling in Wisdom, noisy with laughter, ever a Master of Circumstances, a King of Events, a Hero and Divinity rolled in one  – The Eternal child of Vrindavan – Lord Sri Krishna.

That Master has come who:

  • The parrot can perch on His shoulder.
  • The peacock can offer Him it’s feather.
  • The calves can lick the souls of His feet.
  • His mother can tie Him to the mortar.
  • The Gopis can hold His hand.
  • Arjuna can command that Supreme Power, on whose little finger the entire cosmos twirl, to drive his chariot.

Bhagavan Sri Krishna – is Great and  Accessible.

“Whether or not You do answer my demands and prayers,
I shall go on loving You.
Whether or not You do love me,
I shall go on loving You.
It is You who has planted love in me, and that is why
I shall forever go on loving You.
First, I must love You
Before I love anything or anyone else.”
– Paramahamsa Yogananda