By Paramahamsa Yogananda

First of all, leave behind the desire for & attachment to luxuries; develop your mind power so that it is satisfies with simple things.  Simplicity means to be free of desires & attachments, & being supremely happy within.  It requires a masterful mind & a very strong will to live simply.  It entails neither hardship nor deprivation, but the wisdom to work & be content with what you truly need.

Unless you include the welfare of others in your prosperity you will never be ideally prosperous.  I do not mean just giving of money to needy people, but a sincere reaching out to help others help themselves.  Then you will see tremendous law of supply at work in your own life.  No matter what your situation may be, that law of reaping good that you sow will always be with you to help you.

If you apply the divine law of prosperity, it will wait on you.  It is the only condition in which you can be secure in this world.  If a man works in harmony with the divine law of success, he receives in abundance; if by wrong actions he disrupts its generous flow into his life, he punishes himself.

Most people think first & foremost about themselves, & about making money to satisfy their own desires.  If you do that sooner or later you are going to be deceived.  Rather, you should start with this thought: “My life’s duty is to make others happy..”

The ambition to live well & be prosperous becomes spiritualized, if the purpose  is to better serve others by being able to include them in your prosperity.  In rendering good service, you are bound to get good returns; & when you get good returns, you can improve your own living standard & do even more for others.  This is how Divine Law Works.