Sri Krishna

By Sri Vallabha Charya (Sri Subodhini)

The Lord chose Vasudeva & Devaki to be His parents.  When Bhagavan Sri Krishna was ready to incarnate,  He entered the mind of Vasudeva in his meditation (dyana).  Vasudeva began to shine brilliantly, like the sun.  None could come near him.

Later Devaki, absorbed through her mind, the Supreme Lord – in the Samadhi state.  Samadhi is a state in which the person transcend the bounds of your body, mind, and self-identity and merge into an highest being or God.  This highest divine absorption of Devaki from Vasudeva, was similar to the absorption of the moon in the eastern sky.  Devaki then looked brilliant & always had a divine smile on her face.

It was on the auspicious Ashtami day after Shravan Poornima, when the Moon was in the asterism Rohini….it looked like the Nature(Prakruti) was ‘dressed up’ in their best attire to welcome the Lord:

All directions (dishas) became pure, the sky was shining with countless brilliant stars & everywhere there was the presence of divine auspiciousness.  The  water in the rivers became pure & all lakes shone with fully blossomed lotuses.  The forest converted to a huge & beautiful bouquet of fragrant flowers, along with sweet music of countless birds & joyful bees.  A cool breeze which was full of sweet fragrance  blew gently.

The sacrificial fire (Agni)  rose in all its majesty & benediction.  The celestial beings  began to be play the divine musical instruments in the sky.  Then the Lord of Lords Bhagavan Sri Krishna made His appearance.

“tam-adbhutam bAlakam-ambujekShaNaM, caturbhujam shanka-gadAdyudhAyudhaM,  shrIvatsa-lakShmaM gala-shobhi-kaustubhaM ,   pItAmbaraM sAndra-payoda-saubhagaM,  mahArha-vaiDUrya-kirITa-kuNDala-tviShA pariShvakta-sahasra-kuntalaM ,  uddAma-kAnchyangada-kankaNAdibhiH virAjamAnaM vasudeva aikShata ||”

Vasudeva saw the divine child with four hands, holding a conch, a mace, a chakra (discus) and a lotus; with Srivatsa emblem on his chest; with Kaustubha gem on the neck; with cloth of golden hue, as beautiful as the blue water-filled cloud; with dense hair flowing around amidst the adornments of crown and ear-rings radiant with precious gems; and excellently brilliant with bracelets around the waist and arms.

That Master has come who is GREAT & also Accessible.  Let us all celebrate this auspicious & joyous occasion. .. …

                  ***Nand Ke Anand Bhayo…Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki***