By Paramahamsa Yogananda


“Have you thought why you love fleeting, deceiving pleasures in preference to the lasting peace and joy of the Soul – found so distinctly and ever-increasingly in meditation? It is because in the beginning you happened to cultivate the habit of indulging in sense pleasures and did not cultivate the superior joy of the inner life found in meditation.

Persons who drink, do so because they do not know the taste of the super-wine of joy from the bottle of meditation, and which can make them all forget worry. Do not be one-sided. Learn to compare good and evil habits by cultivating good habits and experiencing their superior joy-yielding quality.

The man who is restless and happy, working and worrying day and night to make money, does not know of the superior joy of meditation, so he does not like to meditate. Instead, he would rather play chess, gossip, or use his time in consuming or wasting previous hours to no purpose, in preference to seeking the superior ever-new joy in meditation.

Do not camouflage your Soul with the veil of sermons and solemn words. Understand and feel the superior joys of inner life, and you will prefer them to the fleeting pleasures of the outer world.

There are two set of people in the world – good and evil, restless and meditative, ignorant and wise, happy and sad. Tell the evil person to be good and the restless one to be meditative, and they will make you feel that they do not like to do so, or that they cannot do so. This is due to previous habits and not to the desire of the heart. Hence, before you put aside good habits, cultivate them, and develop the taste for their superior, lasing happiness.”