By Swami Chinamayananda

  • It goes on burning itself silently for the welfare of all, nourishing with its heat & light.  Lead a silent life of sacrifice & service, dedicating your entire God-given talents in the well being of all.
  • Every sunrise is fresh & new – no decrease in brightness or temperature inspite of burning for millions of years! The exhaustion of the past is not carried forward to the present! Learn from the past but don’t live in it.  Face life with a fresh mind without polluting it with past regrets or future anxieties.
  • The sunlight falls equally upon all without discrimination, even when ignored by many or disbelieved by the blind. Love everyone unconditionally based on the vision of oneness.
  • The sun is a little closer, & we are burnt to death; a little away we are frozen to death. Avoid all extremes, follow the middle path.  Be moderate in food, sleep, spending etc..
  • The rising or the setting of the sun is never doubted.  Be consistent, & you become trustworthy.
  • The sun rising & setting reminds of the fleeting time.  Time is precious, never waste it.
  • There are no two suns.  You are unique & special in the whole cosmos.  You are irreplaceable.
  • Sun is self-effulgent.  So too, the self in us,the pure consciousness is that light of awareness because of which everything else is known, including our body & the mind.
  • A retreating sun? Never! With a clear understanding & noble intentions, march ahead, unmindful of criticisms en route  not a step backward!
  • In the presence of the sun everything happens, but the sun remains detached from all these happenings.  Serve all maintaining a healthy detachment from all.
  • To form the rain clouds, the sun takes only the water vapor from the ocean & leaves the salt behind.  Pay attention to goodness in others ; ignore their weaknesses.
  • When difficulties & failures make our minds sway, have a look at the passing sun & say – Even this will pass away!

In life every moment contains His message with His signature. The purpose of life is served once the message is decoded & the Messenger is identified.  Then alone the Signatory is recognized!