How to find true Guru or Spiritual teacher



By Paramhamsa Yogananda

The divinity of the soul must be awakened so that you may realize you are not the body; He is the energy in the muscles, in the flowers, in grass;everything is God.  For you to realize that, you are going to need a guru or a spiritual teacher, who is free from the bondage of delusion.

Spiritual truths  cannot be effectively taught by one who has merely committed  spiritual text  to memory.  The real spiritual teacher must have experienced  and understood truth  before he can successfully transmit it to others.

The look of a holy man has the power to change spiritually persons who are receptive. The sight of a holy man is in itself a blessing to the beholder. The ground on which is a saint has walked is thus made sacred. The would-be disciple seeks acceptance by such a spiritual master.

If your heart is ready, if you are desirous of knowing God, and if you continuously march towards Him, then you will meet the Saints or Guru’s and you will recognize them. When your heart is not ready, you may meet them and yet not recognize them. But the once a true teacher has been found, if you follow him with due reverence and with open eyes, you will save yourself years of otherwise wasted time, but no one can lead you to God unless he himself has first found God.

Truth should be sought of God realized saints, wherever they may be found, whether it be in Temple or in the solitude of mountain or forest. Whether such guru’s live  in woods or teach in a temple is of no consequence. The earnest devotee seeks self-realization wherever he may find it.

If you remain loyal and attuned to your Guru, you will find, through your spiritual receptivity,  prayers , and spiritual efforts, that the cords of your ignorance ultimately will be untied, and you’ll be set free to roam in the kingdom of immortality.

Let’s pray to God to show us His presence in the great masters, who have already realized Him.