Mind at Meditation



By Swami Chinmayananda

Let us now see how we can annihilate, or dissolve the mind. The mind – with its thoughts, perceptions, and projections – exists only because of four interpretations; quality, activity, adjective and relationship (guna, kriya, visesa, sambhandha).

Because these are interpretations of the mind, wherever the mind functions, it functions through these only. In other words, the mind sees the quality of an object, “it is beautiful”. Or the mind starts thinking in terms of its activity, “it is dancing”, or in terms of its adjectives, “it is blue”, or in terms of its relationships, “it is like what I saw yesterday”. Therefore, when we look at an object through our conditioned, projecting minds, we never see the object as it is. We always see it colored through our minds’ interpretations. ” Pasyannapi ca na pasyati mudhah”.

– One who does not have the right knowledge (of Truth), sees not even though he looks. He sees nothing but his own projections, his own thoughts.

Look at a flower, for example, and notice the thoughts that come into your mind: “It is a beautiful flower. It is yellow in color. It’s a daffodil, My friend has daffodils in her garden.

Perhaps I should plant some, too”. While you are looking at the flower, you do not see the flower. It is only a springboard for the mind to shoot ahead. The thinking mind is thought-flow by association. Therefore, when you see the flower, you can never actually see the flower itself. However, if you can see the flower as a flower- as it is – you see Consciousness (God) only. Remove quality, activity, adjectives, relationship and look at the flower.

Then what you see is nothing but Consciousness. So take a flower and try to see it as it is. Or look at a blade of grass. Don’t name it. Remove the four judgments, or interpretations – quality, activity, adjective and relationship – and look at it. Or look at a friend. Forget his(or her) name. Forget his (or her) qualities, his (or her) actions. Look at any object, whether it is the anu (the atom) or the whole universe. If these four interpretations are not there, the thinking mind is ended. In that still, alert moment of objectless awareness, you exist as pure being. Remember that these four are nothing but the interpretations, the prattling of the mind. Remove them and look. All that remains is the alertness of pure Consciousness.  No mind  is the realm of reality


The No-mind is That

The mind in this alert state is a mind at meditation. The mind at meditation is no longer a thinking, projecting, conditioned mind. Where the mind has thus dissolved itself, bhava( existence/awareness) alone is. This experience is called amani bhava (the no-mind state). You and I (as duality) are nothing but the mind. As long as we are identified with the mind, we are far, far away from the Reality of One without a second. The moment· you forget the mind (no mind), you are that one Life.

You need not seek anyone’s permission to forget your mind and identify with the Truth of your being(no mind). It is your prerogative. If you are not ready to transcend the mind, no amount of study of the scriptures, preaching, and spiritual practices will help, because you will still be following your own mind. “Do not follow me with your mind”, say all the seers (Rishis).

Directly experience that Truth which transcend everything and is more than the known and the unknown. As long as there is the function of the mind, Truth is not realized directly. Stop the mind’s functioning and you become aware of Reality. You are looking at IT. This transcending of the mind is the highest form of evolution.

How to transcend the mind is the challenge before us now

For the fully-grown man-man, the challenge is to grow to be a God-man. We have to work for this goal. We have to stop the play of the mind- the play of the four interpretations – quality, activity, adjectives, and relationship. It takes a fraction of a second to realize that we can stop the play of the mind – that we are not the mind. This understanding is enough.

After thus knowing the real and wider capability of our nature and our personalities, we can play with the mind. In all activities thereafter, there is a new sense of freedom because we know that we are not these limitations. These limitations of the mind and its interpretations are not our own. We do not belong to the mind and its projections. We are only sojourners here. We are natives of another realm altogether.

If, transcending the mind and experiencing directly, you look at any fleecy cloud, twinkling star, winging butterfly, or nodding leaf, each object is but a spring board for you to rocket yourself into that ecstatic experience of the Highest.