Sri Krishna


Start by holding Krishna’s hand and bathing Him by pouring water over Him. Picture the water falling on all parts of His body and running down. All the while, call out to Him, ‘Krishna, Krishna!’ and visualize His divine form. Imagine doing ‘abhisheka’ (ceremonial bath) with Kamadhenu’s milk, honey, ghee, sandal paste (chandana) and rose water, one after the other.  When these substances flow down Krishna’s body, visualize each part of His form, from head to foot. Talk to Krishna, and pray to Him. After bathing Him thus, dry His body with a soft cloth. Drape a yellow silk cloth (pitambhara) around His waist. Adorn Him with ornaments. Put a Kasturi tilaka on His forehead. Put anklets on Him.  Put a garland on His neck and enjoy His divya mangala swaroopa.

Now do archana (worship) with flowers. Take the ‘Tulasi’ leaves, which represents your mind, and imagine offering it , one by one, at Krishna’s feet . After the ‘archana’ , offer Sri Krishna the ‘payasam’ (sweet rice pudding) of your love . Picture that you are doing ‘arati’ (waving of burning camphor) for Krishna, and see each part of His body shining brilliantly in the light of the flame. In the end, imagine that you are circumambulating Krishna. All the while keep praying to Him.

Try to see your beloved Krishna’s face in the moon or imagine that the moon is the face of Krishna Chandra. As the wind blows, try to feel that it is the gentle caress of your beloved Krishna. Look into the water and visualize the smiling face of your beloved Krishna there. Your beloved Krishna is calling you near, hugging you, caressing you, blessing you, and then hiding in the clouds and coming out again a little later . By this kind of imagination you go deeper and deeper into your own Krishna-bhakti. You enshrine Sri Krishna’s charming form within your heart. You open up more and more, and you get closer and closer to Sri Krishna who is dwelling in your heart as ‘Paramatma’ (Supersoul) Crying to Sri Krishna  –  Crying has the power to make the mind completely one-pointed. That is what great Krishna- Devotees like the Gopikas and Meerabai did. See how selflessly Meerabai prayed, “ O Meera’s Giridhari (Krishna), it does not matter if You don’t love me. But, O Lord, please do not take away my right to love you. ”

They prayed and cried until their whole being was transformed into a state of constant prayer. They kept on worshipping Sri Krishna until they were totally consumed by the flames of divine love. They themselves became the offering. Once you become the offering, once your whole being is in a state of constant prayer, then what is left is not you. What is left is Krishna’s love. Prayer can perform this miracle. Crying can accomplish this feat. Thus there is no better technique than praying and crying to Krishna.

Let the heart melt in prayer. Unfortunate indeed are those who think that crying to Krishna is a weakness. As the wax melts, the flame of a candle only burns brighter. Through crying to Krishna, one gains strength. These tears wash away the impurities of the mind. Such crying makes the mind easily absorbed in the remembrance of Krishna. You have to cry for Krishna. You have to develop detachment towards sensual pleasures. If someone smeared chili paste all over your body, think of how you would struggle to escape the burning! You should pine to see Krishna with the same intensity. You should cry for that vision, without wasting even an instant. Only then, will all other thoughts disappear, as in deep sleep, and you will reach the plane of divine experience.  Pray in such a way, that the Lord will come knocking on your door.