The Art of Living -Is controlling the mind, appreciating and mastering the strength, peace, and joy that lie at the core of every human being.  This site contains several articles by great masters who have transcended the mind, to help us eliminate our ego & be completely present.  Molding us to say “Let me be the hole on the flute, that God’s breath flows through.”

Meditation means to be fully aware of our actions, thoughts, feelings and emotions.  It helps to quiet the mind & quieter the mind, nearer we are to God.  From Awakening  exercises to Meditation techniques  are all covered in this site, to help the mind lose its density, & become translucent like the flower – so that  ‘Formless’ shines through you into this world.

Praise the Lord
Kirtanam – Singing  or chanting His name is a royal & easy path to liberation. There are also various devotional compositions with detailed meanings on our site.  There are also several praises of the Lord (Astakams, Stotrams) along with Bhajan Scripts including sampradhaya bhajans.  All of this helps to purify the mind.

Saints – Enjoy reading about several realized souls who have experienced the Supreme truth.  Some were great Gurus & other’s were simple devotees.  Their simplicity & steadfast  devotion act as a exemplary model for all spiritual seekers.