There are several sacred scriptures in the world, all showing the various paths to reach the Supreme.   The most essential ingredient for reading or understanding  any holy scriptures is faith & devotion, in my opinion.

Devotion  or Bhakti  in its ultimate state is the love of God .You do not see Him or speak to Him but you feel that He is very close and that He can hear you and see you and knows your innermost thoughts. All other kinds of love is only a semblance of that love which is Bhakthi.

This distinguishes between the earthly love and the divine. Even in the worldly sense a pure love should not be of the body but of the soul. A devotee loves all because he sees the Lord in all. Love is divine when there is no expectation or possessiveness. When you feel love for a person it is due to a momentary removal of a screen that veils the divinity in them which is in contact with the divinity within you. Detachment alone can give rise to real love, which does not require the presence or even any communication with the loved one.

If the object is anything other than God, it’s not real devotion. There may be attachment but no bhakti. The very meaning of bhakti is negation of desires. Bhakti is God & God alone. A bhakta will not make God an instrument for gaining something else. The joy of bhakti is only in giving & not in receiving anything.

Sri Krishna has  extolled Devotion or  Bhakthi both  in the Bhagavad Gita and also in Bhagavatham.  We have started our journey, with Srimad Bhagavatham which talks about different divine leelas of Bhagavan Sri Krishna & Srimad Bhagavad Gita, which is the essence of Vedic knowledge and one of the most important Upanishads in Vedic literature.