All these Gopis were very tired, exhausted and were drubbing, an utter defeat in finding Him. Each and every Gopi felt droopy and just hanging there from the weakness and lack of energy to move. They could feel their bodies beginning to acknowledge fatigue. The nerves, drawn out and stretched in the evening’s turmoil, were slowly shrinking back into reality. The reality, that there was no Maharaas, no Krishna, no Bansi and no more manorath. In this dross state, they reached the banks of Shree Yamuna .

The cool breeze on the banks of Shree Yamuna  did not soothe them. Unhappiness began to creep in. Their eyes were wet, and puffed up. The tears emerged from a silver, rippleless void, crawling out line, sudden line of crystal stream, one after another, from the red-eyed face of Gopis. Some Gopis climbed on very close to Yamuna  water, where Gopis felt at ease and the valukaji (mud) of Yamuna  was cool against their skin. They could hear the call of birds and wind hissing through the Vraj trees. These trees looked like feathery banyan trees with hanging roots reaching the Vraj ruj (ground), shading the Gopis. The gleam of water in the distance was soothing the heavy heart, which was laden with sadness.

Their hearts were anxious to find Krishna; watery eyes were searching Him with eagerness. As they cried, the eyes were going deeper into their face, as if taking them to look into their heart, inner mind of the Gopis. This way they started the dialogue between eyes and mind (heart). They were intense in the dialogue, which included the prayers to Shree Yamuna, asking for, looking for Raas Bihari.

But even here the Gopis did not get joy, they continued their search and in their search, they reached Saghan Kunj. They saw Radha crying alone. When they saw Radha, they thought:

Raasbihari did not only leave us but also left Radha, who was always with Him and was very close. After seeing her in that situation, and predicament, all the Gopis thought:

Oh Sakis! it is not Krishna’s fault, it is ours. We were seeking with pride, we were full of self-esteem, and this egotism has become our haughtiness. Our presumption of our self-importance has made our beloved Krishna to vanish.

They took deep breath and all together said:

Hey Nath, Hey Raman, Hey Priya, Hey Kantaj, where are you? We are your dasi (servant), oh my love, please give darshan, be visible (dayit drush yatam).

Radha was also in the same predicament, crying and was showing the remorse. She lightens her heart with tears in her eyes. She looked at other Gopis and then looked up towards sky. The Saghan Kunj suddenly looked misty behind her tearful eyes. All the trees in the Kunj seemed to be laid out in perfect symmetry, the grassy patches spaced with clumps of small trees and spreading leaves like fans of peacock feather. She joined with the other Gopis and said:

Hey Nath, you are my swami and we are your dasi, you are our aradhya (symbol of love) and we are aradhana (songs /prayer of love). You are our saviour and we are your servant. O, Shyamsunder, where are you?

So this way there was a sudden change into all the Gopis thinking, an awareness of their pride, which become a period of despondency.

The Gopis now repented and realized the effect of their pride. As the pride disintegrated into sublimation of surrender, and it dawn upon them that the only way to get to its original Maharaas state, one has to chant His (God’s) name. This was only way they could make Him appear. And they all went to Yamuna Pullin, the banks of Shree Yamuna . There all the Gopis got together and started singing.

Their heart was having that burning desire to get His (Lord’s) darshan. The burning effervesces were coming out as  loving words filled with pain of separation which when beaded with string, became GopiGeet.