Developing a Positive & Befriending Mind

.positive mind


By Sri Sri Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari

Basically, you are nothing but a bundle of vibrations. You are vibrating at different frequencies, at different times, at different levels. When you are spiritually connected, you cannot help but be positive. Positive energy is the aura of your spirit, which is one with all that is. Negativity is the aura of your ego – the self that is small and limited; the self that feels separate from the rest of the creation; the pseudo-self which is non-existent, which is grounded in appearance and illusion.

Your whole human existence is only to seek and search “Who am I?” Am “I” the body, the mind, the emotions, intelligence, the intuition? What is the “I?” Your whole human journey is to find out who this “I” is beyond the illusive “I” that people think you are.

We need to lead a positive life. We need a friendly mind. The positive is the light of the spirit within us. The more we invoke the light of the positive, inspiring truths of our existence, the more our emotions follow suit. Darkness is dispelled. We find ourselves thinking and feeling more kindly about others. We pray for those who are in pain. We try to do more good to others. The more we live in the light of our spirit, the more we expand and live in joy. Expansion is a natural aspect of positive thought. Negative thoughts contract, they pull you towards death. Positive thoughts expand you towards higher and higher light, to greater participation in life

A great sage of India once said: “There is nothing faster than thought. And there is nothing more potent than thought.” Thoughts may come and go without our inviting them. So what does one do with the negative thoughts that come unbidden from within or without?

To practice developing a positive, befriending mind, sit in meditation at least once a day, even if it is only for a few moments. Open yourself to the divine presence. See yourself encircled by the light of the divine. Know that divine light of consciousness is always protecting you, always guiding you, always informing you, always uplifting you. See that light forming a protective shield around you, a shield that allows no negativity to penetrate.

See yourself moving through the coming day within this circle of divine light. Feel all negative thoughts being burned away. Feel joy in that. Feel yourself returning to an ever deepening awareness of this ultimate reality: you belong to the Universe.  You are held in an eternal circle of divine light. You walk in a universe that unfolds in love and harmonious energy. Affirm your willingness to learn from every life experience and to gain the full measure of its contribution.

Practice this meditation whenever you find yourself bombarded with negative, inner or outer. Simply step back into your heart in your mind’s eye, into that circle of light. Let it lead you, always.