Conquest of Mind


By Swami Ishwarananda

Just as breathing is an involuntary activity of our physiological system, thinking is an ability of the physiological system too.  Whether we watch our breathing or not, it goes on. Subtler than this activity is thinking.  Here we have three choices:  we can chose to watch our thoughts, or walk along with them or plunge in & swim.

When we plunge in and swim, we are at the mercy of the current.  When we walk along with greater awareness of our thoughts , the mind stays alert and efficient.   But when we chose to watch our thoughts, we stay free.   Instead of pushing the thoughts away, practice to stop participating with the thoughts.

Thought management is therefore a sincere & silent practice for conquest of mind.

  • The first step is to engage many thoughts on one chosen subject.
  • The second step is to stay with a single thought on one subject.
  • The third step is to observe yourself & bring your attention on yourself, watching your own thoughts.
  • The final step is to remain in the state of Being or Consciousness.

The first step is the basic preparation of the mind for meditation.  The second step is to strengthen single pointed conviction.  The third & final steps is to be in touch with reality is to live in  awareness or consciousness and not in thoughts!

Living in consciousness is an art.  More often we find that the mind-brush used for this subtle art, is not available for us.  Regrets of the past, anxieties of the future, & the excitements of the present are the channels of dissipation of mental energy.   This is thought mismanagement.

The past is gone, nothing can change that.  The future is equally futile to predict.  It is on the tiny speck of the present which changes with each beat of your heart.  So it’s useless to agonize over what is gone or pine for what might be.  Live now in the only moment of the world available for you.