The one who possess all six qualities totally or in full is ‘Bhagavan’. ‘The qualities are: Total and absolute overlordship, power, wealth, dispassion, fame and knowledge are known as bhaga.  These are: all knowledge, jnana; total dispassion, vairagya; the capacity to create, sustain, and resolve,virya; absolute fame, yasas; all wealth, sri; and overlordship, aisvarya.  

Anyone or anything associated with Bhagavan will have ‘Bhag’ as the prefix, says the great scholar & devotee Sri Krishna Premi.  So the one who worships Bhagavan is ‘Bhagavathar’ & the divine song which came from Bhagavan Himself is ‘Bhagavad Gita’ & the holy scripture which describes the His leela’s is ‘Bhagavatham’.

A Bhagavathar is also an erudite person well-versed in the  scriptural texts & a sincere devotee of the Lord.  He practices equality towards all living creatures and is free from all sensuous pleasures and worldly desires. He solemnly believes in austere living, compassion, steadfast devotion and total surrender to the Lord.

We have included a collection of sampradaya bhajans, divyanama, thodaya mangalam & also Dolotsavam (lullaby to Lord Sri Krishna) by Sri Krishna Premi.