By   Sri Sri Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari

Why bother to pray asked a devotee.  The gentle reply was : Do you think God is bothered if you do not pray?  Do you think the earth will stop spinning, the sun will not rise, the wind will stop blowing & the creeks will stop running if you don’t pray!

Prayer involves a calm mind.  It is only in the jungle state of mind, in the confused chattering state of mind, that prayers are the faint sounds of confusion & conflict.

The calmness of the mind creates the ground where you can plant the seeds of gratitude & love.  In that ground, those seeds flower into devotion & surrender, prayer & meditation.  True prayer is spontaneous.  It is not something “to do” or feel obligated to do.  It is simply the flow of universal rhythm.

When you pray, you try to express your gratitude to the Supreme Being, in words.  You try to seek that which only the divine can grant. A sincere prayer come from the very root of your heart when you are faced with situations that are beyond human control or efforts.  For example, if a person whom you love is in great danger or pain, or you are moved by the suffering of many due to some calamity, then you open your heart in earnest prayer to the one unseen Force that you trust.

“Man’s will ordinarily works within boundaries of his own little circle of family, environment, world conditions & destiny.  But divine dynamic choice can change destiny, wake the dead, move mountains into the sea & divert the course of planets.” says Paramahamsa Yogananda.

In conclusion:  A sincere prayer is always heard & answered, but sincerity demands a calm mind & a clean heart.  Such prayers comes more from the heart than the tongue.  Seek Him, & you shall attain complete victory.